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"Raison D'etre" is the eighty second chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kojima's mid-range shot

Sakamaki, who is the coach of Yokohama Taiei High, is also in attendance to watch the match of Kuzuryu High and Shinjo Towa Academy. He urges his colleagues that there is still determination left in the eyes of Shinjo Towa Academy’s players and recommends that they not quickly jump to conclusions. Sakamaki further elaborates back in high school, his team won the match by closing a twenty-point deficit lead in the final 10 minutes of the fourth quarter. Outside the tournament venue, Shinmaruko High have completed their warmup routine. Tokiwa informs his captain about Sakamaki’s presence at their venue. On hearing, Chiba becomes angry and responds that this is not even his team’s district and why he is here? Chiba further states that Sakamaki might be a committee member or something. Due to their previous losses against Yokohama Taiei High at Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament, Chiba informs Tokiwa that hearing about Sakamaki’s presence at their venue makes him angry and urges his squad to give their best efforts in their upcoming match.

On seeing Kojima joining the match, Sakamaki comments that with number 5 of Shinjo Towa joining, the height advantage that Kuzuryu High had on their adversary has now reduced. Roku has possession of the ball, and he uses his tall height against Sora by quickly passing the ball to Kojima. Momoharu carefully guards him. Kojima quickly evades his defense, and while heading towards the basketball hoop, he starts to feel the pain in his left knee. Kojima then positions himself for the mid-range shot. The ball touches the rim, and Chiaki grabs the loose ball. Kojima apologizes to Roku for his unsuccessful scoring attempt. Takahashi then advises Kojima not to do anything reckless and questions why he is participating in the match. Kojima replies to put his basketball career on the line and help his team attain victory. While guarding, Momoharu, Kojima then encourages himself and states that just standing on the court is meaningless because this is a battlefield, a sport where attaining points is necessary, and he is a basketball player. Kaname receives the ball from his teammate, and three defenders are guarding him. Takahashi steals the ball from him, and a determined Sora tries to stop him. Takahashi, to tease Sora, purposely bounces the ball hard on the court, which flies over Sora’s forehead.

Sora no look Three-pointer

Takahashi then positions himself for the layup. Momoharu tries to stop him. Takahashi is unfazed by it and then passes the ball to his teammate Kojima. From the three-point line, Kojima, while attempting to score, comments that basketball plays like this are what makes his existence on the court meaningful, and it is the proof of his raison d’etre! Kojima successfully makes the three-pointer. Shinjo Towa Academy is slowly catching up, and the score is 49 to 62. Takahashi then praises his friend Kojima for his scoring attempt. As they celebrate, in a spur of the moment, Sora from the three-point answers them back with a three-pointer of his own. Everyone on the court is stunned, and a depressed Shinjo Towa Academy stares at Sora. One of the onlookers’ comments that the little guy, while attempting to make the three-pointer, turned around confidently without checking if the ball went in or not. Madoka praises Sora and comments that their basketball team is indeed strong.

An impressed Sakamaki looks at Sora and gives his opinion that never to let your opponent think they stand a chance of winning is the fundamental rule in any sport. However, its impact is evident in the game of basketball. The first-year students of Shinjo Towa Academy call Sora a demon. Chiaki praises his teammate, Sora, for his effort. Sakamaki further elaborates more than anyone on the court; the one who has no disillusions about his raison d’etre (reason for existence) is none other than Sora.