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"Glimpse" is the eighty third chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sakamaki meets Yuka at the Tournament Venue

The thrilling first-round match between Kuzuryu High and Shinjo Towa Academy is underway. Kojima joins the match in the third quarter. Although being injured, Kojima shows tenacity and willpower through his participation. While attempting to make a three-pointer, comments that basketball plays like this are what makes his existence on the court meaningful. Kojima successfully scores the basket, and Shinjo Towa Academy celebrates his effort. However, their rejoice doesn’t last long. Sora, from the three-point line, answers back with a three-pointer of his own. The people at the court are stunned and comments that the little guy turned around confidently while attempting to score.

Meanwhile, at the Kanagawa Hospital, Yone gives Yuka the good news that the doctor in charge, Hayashi, has allowed her to visit the tournament venue, and they’re arranging an escort for her. On hearing, Yuka becomes all excited and cheerfully tries to hug her mother. Yone angrily informs her daughter that she is behaving like a kid and instructs her to act like a mature adult. Yuka responds that she is happy and excited. Yone then urges her daughter to change her attire. The taxi driver arrives at the hospital, and Sumi politely asks Yone where Mrs. Yuka is? Yone replies that she is doing her makeup in the changing room. Sumi then calls her sister, Madoka, and questions at the moment where she is? Madoka replies that she and her friend Youko are at the tournament venue. Upon hearing, Sumi then cheerfully informs her that she and Yuka will be arriving at the Inter-High Preliminaries venue and requests her to reserve some seats for them. Madoka agrees and urges her sister to arrive soon because the last quarter of the match has just begun.

At the tournament venue, Sora successfully makes the mid-range shot and expanding the lead to sixteen points. The score is 71 to 55. The people at the tournament venue comments that Shinjo Towa’s effort to close down the deficit gap remains futile because Kuzuryu High has constantly been answering them back. A frustrated freshman of Shinjo Towa Academy tells his colleagues that their team has no chance of winning the match. The other first-year students disagree with his opinion and continue to cheer on their teammates. Only ten minutes remain to conclude the match. Takahashi has possession of the ball, and he passes it to Kojima. Momoharu is carefully guarding him. Kojima quickly evades his adversary’s defense and successfully scores the mid-range shot. Upon watching, the first-year students of Shinjo Towa Academy praise their senior, Kojima, for his scoring effort and keeping up to pace with their opponent while being injured.

A determined Kojima

Kojima then confidently instructs his squad to get back in defensive formation. Takahashi requests Roku to guard Sora cautiously. Sora has possession of the ball, and Roku lowers his stance. The onlookers praise Shinjo Towa Academy for their defensive formation and comment that it is a box and one formation. Sora does a jump fake and passes the ball to Kenji. Kojima tries to stop, and Kenji successfully scores the scoop shot. Upon watching, a cheerful Sakamaki departs from the court and praises both teams for their phenomenal performance and comments that this is an exciting first-round match. As he is about to leave the tournament venue, Yuka arrives. Sakamaki notices her and calls Yuka by her former surname Horie. Yuka sees her old friend. Sakamaki then politely greets Yuka and her mother, Yone. Sakamaki then apologizes that he forgot Yuka after her marriage, changed her surname to Kurumatani.

Yuka then introduces Sakamaki to her mother and informs an acquaintance from college. Hayashi and Sumi help Yuka to be seated in the wheelchair. Madoka then meets all of them outside the tournament venue and praises Yuka for looking nice with the makeup, and tells her they have to hurry because the match is close to reaching its conclusion. All of a sudden, Sakamaki then decides to carry Yuka. Everyone is shocked, and Yuka furiously tells her friend to place her back on the wheelchair, and they’re standing out too much. Sakamaki politely replies that as a friend, this is the least he can do to help her since she got diagnosed with critical illness. Sakamaki then takes Yuka to the upper floor of the tournament venue. Upon seating, Yuka closes her eyes, breaths in the gym’s fresh air, and comments that she missed the atmosphere of the basketball competition. After opening her eyes, she sees her son, Sora and smiles.