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"Something to Protect 3" is the eighty sixth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Madoka requesting Yuka to become their team's coach

A frustrated Sora attempts to stop Kazushi from scoring, and due to being fatigued, Sora dreadfully falls to the ground. Kazushi successfully makes the layup shot, and Shinjo Towa Academy closes the deficit gap to six points. Everyone at the court worriedly stares at Sora. As being a carrying upperclassman, Chiaki carries an exhausted Sora towards their team’s bench. Upon witnessing, one of the members of Saijo High comments that since Sora has exited the match due to exhaustion, Chiaki must be participating in his presence. Fujita agrees and replies that Kuzuryu High is a team that lacks stamina, and this is only the first round. Even if they win, their team will not advance much further in the tournament bracket. Madoka looks a Yuka and believes that she must be worried about him. However, Yuka’s reaction is the complete opposite; she becomes angry at Sora and critiques that he can’t even participate in the entire match due to his poor stamina. Yuka further comments that she has always advised him that the essential thing in basketball is running. In concluding, Yuka agrees with her good friend Sakamaki that for Sora to acquire a starting position at a high school team is nothing but a miracle.

Madoka smiles at Yuka’s opinion, urges her to take care of her health, and requests Yuka to become their team’s coach because their basketball club does not have a coaching instructor. Madoka further comments that their manager Nao has taken the responsibility of coaching their team. Upon hearing, Yuka and Sakamaki stare at her. Madoka becomes a bit shy as to what she said and politely excuses herself. Sakamaki tells Yuka that she should consider becoming Kuzuryu High’s team coach. He further states that the future is built on hope. And hope is born from life. As long as you strive for a dream, then tomorrow will come. Yuka smiles and agrees with her friend's opinion. Sakamaki further comments, as adults, our responsibility to protect children’s future. Chiaki joins the match again and advises his teammates that they all have experienced and lost sight of hope once in their lives already, and they had no place to belong before. They have wasted a lot of their time trying to figure out what to do in their lives, and that there is no guarantee that they will win the match. However, if they don’t win, nothing will change.

Chiaki regains his composure; he quickly passes Takahashi’s defense and attempts to score the layup shot. Yukio touches it, and the ball rotates around the rim. Momoharu grabs the rebound and gives it to Kenji, who then scores the layup. After scoring, Kenji requests his senior Chiaki to be careful because one more foul call will get him ejected from the match. Chiaki confidently replies that he is not scared of any foul calls. Kenji smiles towards his senior and comments that he is a great point guard. Takahashi overhears their conversation and states that Chiaki lifted his team's morale and Kuzuryu High is indeed an upcoming strong basketball team. Takahashi then becomes serious and urges himself that it is time for the final battle. Tsukishima as the manager of Saijo High, informs Fujita and his teammates that their girls’ team match is about to start. Fujita agrees and, while departing, states that they won’t be seeing the conclusion of the match between Kuzuryu High and Shinjo Towa Academy, and whoever is their second-round opponent, their way of doing things won’t change.

Kaname returns

An exhausted Sora wakes up and asks Kaname how their team is performing. Kaname replies their team is leading by eight points. While both are conversing, Shinjo Towa Academy scores and the deficit gap is down to six points. Sora then becomes frustrated at himself and wishes he had the speed skills like Kenji, rebounding skills like Momoharu, passing sense like Chiaki, and he was tall like Kaname. On hearing, Kaname then urges Sora to remember their first conversation when they met each other at their school’s friendly basketball competition in which he stated that he envies him. Kaname further commented that he wanted to be a player like Takahashi, who is an all-rounder athlete. Kaname to lift Sora’s morale states that he is still young, there is still room for him to grow, and as he evolves as a player, his playing style and position will change. Kaname then reassures Sora that the possibilities to improve are endless for him. In concluding, Kaname comments that he is unlucky and his lack of stamina holds him back from performing well. However, he will not let his weak physicality hold him back any further. Kaname regains his composure and requests Nao to allow him to participate in the match.