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"One More Weakness" is the ninth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

At the Kawasaki bridge, Chiaki eagerly waits for his assumed-to-be girlfriend, Tomo-chan. The first quarter ends up on a positive note for Kuzuryu High, and they lead the match by a score of three points. Momoharu praises Sora for his efficient shooting skills and informs his teammates that they should keep this strategy going in the next quarter. Meanwhile, Shinmaruko High doesn't seem to be fazed by it. Chiba tells Tokiwa that he was amazed by Momoharu's jumping ability, and Hanazono was the outstanding player of the first quarter.

Momoharu blocks Kento from scoring

The second quarter starts, a serious and determined Shinmaruko High enters the basketball court. Tokiwa does one of his signature backhand passes. Kento receives the pass and then gives it to Chiba. Shinichi then tries to go for his signature fierce dunk, Momoharu easily blocks him. Kento grabs the loose ball and tries to score. Momoharu blocks that as well, and everyone on the court is astonished and amazed again by Hanazono's jumping ability. Momoharu passes the ball to Sora, Tokiwa yells at his teammates to stop him. Sora does his cross-over move at Kuchiki and easily scores the point.

While seeing Sora's layup, Tokiwa realizes that Kurumatani has been avoiding to score from the left side of the court and tells his captain, Chiba, that he has found Sora's weakness going forward he won't let him score a single point.