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"Spiral" is the ninety third chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

A furious Satsuki in his office with other members of the basketball team

Upon hearing the sad news about the boys’ basketball team getting disbanded. A depressed Yasuhara discusses with his father about his team’s wrongdoings. Yasuhara responds that he doesn’t know how the fire incident started, one thing is for sure that many students at school do smoke, and he is still not convinced that his team is responsible for the fire incident. Yasuhara's father agrees and replies to his son, compared to his time at the Karate club; his attitude seems a bit different. A confused Yasuhara looks at his parent and replies, that what does he mean by that? His father responds that it's late night and will discuss this topic at a later date.

Meanwhile, at Masahiro’s residence, Nabe spends the rest of the day playing video games with his good friend Masahiro. Later on, Masahiro tries to confirm from Nabe that their club is indeed getting disbanded, and isn’t there a way to save it? Nabe responds that Momoharu and Kenji are discouraged at the moment. Sora is currently in Nagano. Their team manager Nao is in a shocking mood, and Chiaki, due to his easy-going attitude, won’t be any help. The following day at school, all the basketball team members reflect on the fire incident. Nao, after the conclusion of her lecture, goes to meet Sora. One of his classroom colleagues notifies Nao that Sora is in Nagano and will probably stay there for a week due to his mother's funeral. Kenji, while in class, messages Sora as to where he is, and he wants to see him soon. Sora reads the text message and doesn’t respond.

Sora at his hometown Nagano

Satsuki calls Momoharu at his office and informs him about the disbandment of the basketball club. Satsuki further states, due to being the team’s advisor, he will also receive punishment. Momoharu questions Satsuki that he didn’t do anything to save the club. Satsuki responds, he did try to defend them at the school’s staff meeting. However, the Principal and staff members decided this decision. Going forward, now they all have to bear responsibility for their mistakes. In concluding, Satsuki tells Momoharu that since the club has been disbanded. Hence, this will also end any connections he has with them. Momoharu then thanks Satsuki for being their team’s advisor. Later on, in the day, Momoharu heads to the Kawasaki bridge accompanied by his pet. While en route, Momoharu stops in between and tries to purchase a soft drink from the vending machine. Due to having less currency, Momoharu is confused as to what to buy. Madoka sees Momoharu and purchases the soft drink for him. Momoharu becomes a bit started by her unannounced appearance. Madoka smiles at his confused reaction and tells Momoharu that he can pay her back later. Both then head towards the Kawasaki bridge.

Madoka and Momoharu at the Kawasaki bridge

Madoka informs Momoharu that Tama, their senior, is dating Kousaka. Isn’t this cruel because she broke their promise not to get into any relationship, and honest friendship should be caring. Upon hearing, Momoharu confusingly stares at Madoka and asks why she is here? Madoka responds she was walking by, saw him and decided to accompany him. Madoka then notices a depressed Momoharu and comments that he looks unhappy than usual. Momoharu urges Madoka to leave him alone for the time being, and he is not in the mood to talk to her. Madoka changes her demeanor and replies that he is not in the mood to talk to her. Due to the locker room incident, things won’t go back to normal no matter what they do. Madoka then requests Momoharu that she would like to go with him to the city of Shibuya, and there is a shop she wants to visit. The store also has arcade games over there. Since his team won’t have any club activities, consider this as a date or something. Momoharu, being frustrated due to the fire incident, furiously responds that she wants him to accompany her as if nothing happened and what does she consider him a lunatic. Momoharu urges Madoka to bother someone else and not him. Upon departing, Momoharu bluntly tells Madoka that he has no affection feelings for her. Upon hearing, a depressed Madoka stares at the ground, tears up and states that she didn’t say anything about liking him or have said anything wrong.