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"Raining" is the ninety forth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Madoka at Kurumatani residence

At the Kawasaki city’s bridge, Madoka and Momoharu have a minor argument. To cheer her man of liking, Madoka proposed to go on a date with him to the city of Shibuya. Momoharu, due to the recent locker room fire incident, furiously turns down the offer and urges Madoka to leave him alone, and he is not in the mood to talk to her. A tearful Madoka stares at the ground and comments that she didn’t say anything wrong to him. Afterwards, it starts raining in Kawasaki city. While closing her barbershop, Yone notices a depressed Madoka walking by and invites her to stay at her residence for the time being until it stops raining. Madoka thanks Yone for her generosity and heads inside the residence. Yone then gives Madoka some spare set of dry clothes. Due to being a bit tall, the replacement set of jeans doesn’t fit Madoka properly. Yone offers Madoka some tea. Madoka thanks her and asks Yone that she didn’t go to Nagano for Yuka’s funeral. Yone, respond she did travel to Nagano, stayed there for a day or so and came back. Madoka questions Yone that she should have at least stayed longer, and she is back already. Yone responds that she is a business operator and cannot close her store for more than a day. If she did, her business would go bankrupt.

Yone then advises Madoka to cheer up and not think about her daughter because Yuka wouldn’t want them to be depressed by her sudden passing. Madoka agrees, and all of a sudden, her stomach starts to growl. Yone notices Madoka’s expression and offers her some lunch. Madoka thanks Yone for offering her some lunch. Afterwards, Madoka request Yone for a bit of a side dish. Yone refuses and replies she is a typical high school girl. Yone changes her mind and also gives Madoka the side dish. Madoka then asks how Sora is doing lately. Is he depressed? Yone replies indeed he is, and this incident is a huge shock for him. Sora has not been talking to anyone recently. Yone further states that if someone passes away in the family, one would be remorseful or show signs of anger. Sora hasn’t done any of that, and he is just quiet. Since her daughter has passed away, if Sora decides to stay in Nagano, she wouldn’t question his decision-making. Madoka replies, wouldn’t she be lonely without his presence. Yone then jokingly responds, not at all. Sora staying at her residence doubles the expense.

Kaname repairing the locker room

Madoka then heads upstairs and, being a bit depressed by Momoharu’s refusal, for the time being, she sleeps in Sora’s room. After the disbandment of the basketball club, Nao decides to pay a friendly visit to the music club at Kuzuryu High. Nao plays the electric guitar, and the other members of the club praise her and request Nao to join their club because they are missing a guitarist. Nao doesn’t answer right away and later heads to see the burned-up locker room. While entering, she sees a depressed Kaname repairing the locker room. Kaname requests Nao to assist him with the repairs. Nao urges Kaname that it's pretty late night and they should go home. Kaname replies that this setback cannot stop their team from reaching the Inter-High Tournament and believes the basketball club will revive. An astonished Nao stares at him. Kaname further states that he is still new at Kuzuryu High and doesn’t have a good rapport with all the other team members. However, he doesn’t want the basketball team that Sora created to be gone forever. Sora is the person who started this club, and that’s why it will be revived. Upon hearing, Nao tears up and expresses the same opinion about the basketball club’s revival. A low-spirited and depressed Chiaki from the locker room’s entrance sees his saddened manager.