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"Agent Orange" is the ninety fifth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Chiaki requesting his brother to have a friendly Pro Wrestling match

Upon seeing his saddened manager, Nao, at the locker room, a depressed Chiaki heads towards his residence. Due to heavy rainfall in Kawasaki city, Chiaki’s attire becomes soaked in the rain. Due to his carefree attitude, Chiaki uncaringly throws his school coat to the ground. His caretaker Kawahara sees Chiaki’s drenched rainy attire and instructs him to stop right there, take off his school attire properly. Chiaki then asks her, where is Momoharu? Kawahara replies he is in his room. Chiaki unannounced opens the door of his brother's room. Momoharu becomes a bit startled by his sudden appearance and urges Chiaki that he is not a kid anymore and at least knock before you enter someone’s room. Chiaki is astonished to see his brother Momoharu studying and requests him let’s have a friendly wrestling match like they used to do when they were kids. Momoharu questions all of a sudden why would he do that? Chiaki urges his brother to enter the arena, referring to the bed; otherwise, he will get a ring out. Momoharu furiously tells his brother to stop it, and he is not in the mood.

Chiaki, due to his carefree attitude, starts to chant wrestling, wrestling. Momoharu covers his ears. Upon seeing, Chiaki then angrily places his right leg onto the table, furiously stares at his brother and instructs Momoharu lets PRO WRESTLE! The caretaker, Kawahara, notices all the noise coming from Momoharu’s room and informs Mr. Hanazono, both brothers are fighting inside the room. Mr. Hanazono is a qualified bone specialist doctor, and he has his clinic at his residence. Mr. Hanazono responds, let them be and what's for dinner? Momoharu’s room is right above his father’s clinic, and the upper wall starts to shake. Mr. Hanazono notices it and informs his caretaker this time; it’s a serious fight between the two brothers. Chiaki easily body slammed Momoharu off the bed and tells him he has become a weak individual. Momoharu then angrily from underneath his bed, picks up one of the dumbbells and furiously throws it towards his brother. Chiaki manages to dodge it, and the dumbbell flies off outside from the bedside window. Upon seeing his brother's uncanny behavior, Chiaki responds, what’s done is done already. It can’t be changed! Upon hearing, Momoharu responds, what the hell does he want him to do? An angry Chiaki responds, isn’t that what he always said. Chiaki then tries to punch Momoharu in the face. Momoharu dodges it and tries to body slam his brother from the bed. Chiaki then comments responsibility, apologizing, and lending money are the things he would never do. He only has 200 yen at the moment. Chiaki then makes an armlock grappling move on Momoharu and comments that never show your back to other people isn’t what he always told him.

A confident Tarou telling Tokiwa he is excited to face his team at the Kanagawa Prefecture Tournament

Momoharu breaks free from Chiaki’s armlock and tries to punch him, Chiaki dodges it. An angry Momoharu responds that even you’re shocked and disgusted by what has happened to their team. That’s the whole reason for this stupid intervention. Upon hearing, Chiaki tells Momoharu that he is such a foolish person. How many times have his pranks been forgiven and swept under the rug until now! Chiaki then questions his brother at times like this is he going to sit around and wait for forgiveness? Upon hearing, a confused and bruised-up Momoharu stares at the ground. The Inter-High Preliminaries tournament is still underway. Shinmaruko High faces Saijo High in the third round. An anticipated match between the two top teams of Kawasaki. Till the third quarter, both teams are evenly matched. In the final quarter, Fujita receives his fourth foul. The scales then begin to tilt in favor of Shinmaruko High, and the seeded team Saijo High loses the match. At the other court of the same hall, Kitasumi High also wins their third-round match and, alongside Shinmaruko High, qualifies from Kawasaki city for the Kanagawa Representative tournament. Outside the tournament venue, Tarou sees Tokiwa and confidently tells his arch-rival that their showdown is upon them. Amongst them, who will be Kanagawa’s star will be decided at the district tournament. Upon hearing, Tokiwa ignores Tarou and signs his autograph on one of the shirts of his ardent followers. The fangirls then thanks Tokiwa. Chiba sees Tarou and questions him if his team will survive and endure the tough matches at the tournament. Tarou furiously responds to Chiba his team will indeed win. Katori congratulates Tokiwa for winning the match and states as of yet, either of them doesn’t know if their teams are in the same block or not. Katori then tells Tokiwa that did he hear the news about Kuzuryu High’s locker room fire incident.

Tokiwa is shocked to hear that and comments that he is extremely saddened to hear this sad news. Frankly speaking, due to Kuzuryu High being a newly formed high school basketball team, he already knew they wouldn’t make it far in the tournament. However, in the future, he wanted to see how far Sora and his teammates can go. In concluding, Tokiwa hopes that this recent fire incident will not diminish or tarnish their basketball club. At Kuzuryu High, a depressed Kenji arrives at the court and comments another club he is part of is gone now. Kenji takes out the profile card of Sakamaki and questions his decision-making; maybe he should have accepted Sakamaki’s offer to join Yokohama Taiei High. An unannounced fellow with orange hair makes his sudden appearance on to the court. The name of the mysterious fellow is Fuwa Hyou. He is a freshman from Yokohama Taiei High and has travelled from Yokohama city to Kawasaki to challenge Kenji to a 1-on-1 friendly basketball match. Kenji sees his hair odd color and easy-going attitude and believes Fuwa must be another troublemaker from their school.

Fuwa Hyou meets Kenji at Kuzuryu High

Fuwa questions Kenji as to where are the other members of the basketball team? Kenji responds they’re resting at the moment. Fuwa then recognizes Kenji from his braided hairstyle and question, are you Kenji Natsume? Kenji furiously replies, who are you, and what do you want? Upon hearing, Fuwa praises himself for noticing Kenji and calls himself Tensai (genius). Kenji then angrily questions again what business does he has with him? Fuwa unzips his backpack and tries to take out his sneakers and basketball. While he is doing that, Fuwa tells Kenji that he heard many good rumors about him at the Preliminaries tournament, especially from Sakamaki. An interesting fellow in Kawasaki city with a braided hairstyle speaks in Hiroshima dialect and knows how to play basketball. Upon hearing this, Kenji becomes a bit frustrated and angrily stares at him. Fuwa takes out his basketball, confidently challenges Kenji to a friendly 1-on-1 basketball match, and comments he wants to test his basketball skills against him. Kenji disregards Fuwa’s challenge and comments that he is not in the mood to play around with an individual he doesn’t know and politely urges Fuwa to leave the court. Fuwa understands his adversary's reasoning and decides to display his basketball skills to Kenji by attempting to make a three-pointer from the half-court line. Kenji becomes startled and amazed at Fuwa’s basketball skills. However, the three-pointer doesn’t go in. Fuwa then laughs at his futile attempt and urges Kenji to reconsider his offer. An excited Kenji unzips his backpack before changing his attire, informs Fuwa that he has accepted his basketball challenge. Upon hearing, Fuwa becomes enthusiastic and eagerly awaits for the 1-on-1 basketball showdown to begin.