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"Cross Over" is the ninety sixth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kenji vs. Fuwa

Fuwa Hyou a freshman from Yokohama Taiei High. Upon hearing, all the praises about Kenji’s basketball skills from his instructor Sakamaki. An excited Fuwa decided to pay a friendly visit to Kuzuryu High. Due to Fuwa’s odd hairstyle and easy-going attitude, Kenji disregards his friendly 1-on-1 basketball challenge. Fuwa then decides to show Kenji his basketball skills by attempting a three-pointer from the half-court line. Kenji becomes startled and stunned by his abilities and accepts Fuwa’s challenge. While changing his attire, Kenji recalls Fuwa’s three-pointer and praises his shooting form and comments that besides Fuwa’s inconsistent aiming, all other aspects of the jump shot were near perfection. Both then excitingly head to the court. Kenji comments his preparation is complete, and it’s a no-holds-barred match. Fuwa has the ball possession, and while dribbling, he comments that one thing Kenji isn’t aware of on a conscious level is that experienced ball wielders can sniff out the skill level of their competitors at the moment of the matchup. Fuwa stares at Kenji and believes he is a worthy opponent, and only those who walk in that path know how it feels like, and that’s all-pure instinct and experience.

Kenji sees a change in Fuwa’s expression, and he becomes serious on guarding him. Fuwa quickly passes Kenji’s defense and attempts to score. Meanwhile, at the locker room, Kaname is busy doing all the necessary repairs. Chiaki is also present and providing his moral support by just watching Kaname and eating his favorite snacks. Kaname requests his senior, Chiaki, to assist him with some repairs. Chiaki refuses and comments it's too bothersome for him. Upon hearing, Kaname sighs and questions Chiaki why did he start playing basketball? Chiaki responds due to his brother Momoharu; he started playing the sport. Momoharu constant zeal and enthusiasm changed his view about the sport. Kaname then questions, in comparison to his brother Momoharu, your (Chiaki) basketball skills are superior? Chiaki responds because Momoharu is a hopeless and timid individual when it comes to sports in general. Kaname replies, doesn’t that complicate things for Momoharu. Chiaki responds he doesn’t care about other people's problems. Kaname stares at him awkwardly and replies that Momoharu is his sibling. Upon hearing, Chiaki furiously responds that Momoharu has always chosen the tough road to do everything in his life for as long as he can remember. Kaname then gives a snide remark to Chiaki; maybe you’re the one who believes anything is not significant in your life. Upon hearing, Chiaki loses his temper, he grabs a chainsaw and tries to attack Kaname.

Yozan and Sora crossing paths at Kawasaki subway station

Nao makes her sudden appearance at the locker room, and she sees Chiaki and Kaname fighting. Upon seeing his manager, Chiaki tosses the chainsaw on the side and pretends that he is indeed assisting Kaname with the repairs. Nao disregards their odd behavior and notices a small wound on Chiaki’s face. Nao takes out one of the bandages from her purse. Being a caring and supporting individual, Nao places the bandage on Chiaki’s cheek, and urges both of them not to indulge in any fights. All of a sudden, Chiaki goes into his affection mode and tries to hug Nao desperately. Nao manages to dodge him and then tries to support Kaname with the repairs. While assisting with the repairs, Nao notifies both of them that she heard some noise from the court and believes it is their school’s volleyball team practicing. However, Nao’s judgement is incorrect inside the court. Kenji and Fuwa are having their intense 1-on-1 showdown. Fuwa dominates the match and easily blocks Kenji from scoring. An exhausted Kenji stare at the court, comments that he has never seen Fuwa at their school before, and praises his basketball skills. Fuwa makes an efficient crossover move, Kenji, while defending, loses his balance and falls to the ground. Fuwa successfully scores the layup and informs Kenji that he is extremely disappointed and didn’t believe that he would easily make him lose his balance. Fuwa then confidently notifies Kenji that do you know when someone extremely skilled at dribbling can take your legs from under you. That is called Ankle Breaker! An angry Kenji stares at Fuwa and responds not to act all confident, and he is just getting warmed up. Upon hearing, Fuwa urges Kenji to conclude the match, and he doesn’t want to be exhausted while heading back to his hometown. Kenji questions Fuwa that isn’t he from their school? Fuwa apologizes and introduces himself as a freshman from Yokohama Taiei High, and his coach Sakamaki talked highly about your (Kenji) basketball skills. So, he got a little curious and decided to pay a friendly visit to Kuzuryu High.

Sora returns to Kawasaki city

Fuwa then changes his demeanor and confidently tells Kenji that his instructor, Sakamaki was wrong about your (Kenji) basketball skills. Due to the difference in abilities, Fuwa believes both of them will not meet each other in future. Fuwa changes his attire and leaves the court. An angry Kenji stares at him. Yozan Kamiki, another first-year from Yokohama Taiei High, travelled with Fuwa to Kawasaki to accompany his good friend. Yozan quietly sits outside Kuzuryu High’s entrance and, to keep himself busy, reads a novel. Three students at Kuzuryu High make fun of Kamiki’s appearance and height by calling him a shorty. Yozan politely instructs them not to bother him. Fuwa sees them and scares away the troublemakers. Later, both then head towards the subway station. Fuwa expresses his opinion to Kamiki that don’t you get irritated when people call you shorty all the time. Upon hearing, Yozan disagrees and confidently replies that he doesn’t mind people calling him a small individual, in fact, he feels proud because his short height will make him famous and rewrite history in the sport of basketball. While going up the escalators, Sora exits the subway and passes by both of them. Kamiki further states that he hopes no other shorter individual in comparison to him would appear in the present at the sport of basketball in Japan. Sora then exits the subway station, cheerfully looks at all locals in Kawasaki, and comments that he is glad to be back.