Chiaki Hanazono (花園 千秋, Hanazono Chiaki) is Kuzuryū High's primary point guard and an excellent all-rounder, being able to play Small Forward, Power, Forward, and Center. He is Momoharu Hanazono's older twin brother.

Appearance Edit

Strong, sharp features, facial hair and a towering, brawny figure may cause him to precede as intimidating. 

Personality Edit

He was the first to show Sora kindness. He has a carefree personality and does unusual things, such as taking a dump anywhere and likes to make errands for others. However, he doesn't care to be involved with the basketball team in the way his brother is and is not someone to be messed with. He dislikes weaklings, but finds an exception for Sora, saying he likes guys that don't give up easily.

In contrast to Momoharu's reason to give up playing basketball, which was his insecurities to himself, Chiaki's was because of hopeless situations in the past, such as a huge point deficit in a game. For him, there is no point in trying if the outcome is already decided. But after seeing the Kuzu basketball team still fighting despite a clear impending loss against Maru High, he decided to join late in the game and end it with a basket.

He has a tendency to peep on girls.

Skills Edit

He is a genius with an incredible court vision, incredible ball handling abilities and immense strength that allows him to play the Center or Power Forward position with his size. Although primarily a Point Guard due to his playmaking abilities, he is an all-arounder that can play any position. He can also be effective as a Small Forward due to his mid-range shooting. Nao, the club manager strongly believes that his ideal position would be a "Point Forward", a playstyle which means a playmaking forward. Because of it, he is a huge threat in the defense because he keeps them guessing whether to pass or shoot, which benefits their offence greatly.

However, he is weak in defense and rarely contributes to blocking and rebounding but his great eye for ball anticipation to go for steals make up for it. His main weakness is his pace and free throws as he easily succumbs under pressure.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Biography Edit

During middle school, their school was up against the top team and as expected were behind by a huge point difference. As the second half was about to start, he went missing. Momoharu went to find him and discovered that he bought a candy at a nearby store. It was that time he realized that his twin brother had given up on basketball.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hanazono twins' respective play styles are the exact opposite of one another. Chiaki excels in offense while Momoharu in defense.


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