Chiaki Hanazono
花園 千秋
Chiaki Hanazono
Personal statistics
Name Chiaki Hanazono
花園 千秋
Gender Male
Height 193 cm
Weight 90 kg
Birthday January 1st
Blood type A
Basketball statistics
Team Kuzuryū High
Position Point Guard / Forward / Center
Number 7
Speciality Brain busters
Chiaki Hanazono (花園 千秋, Hanazono Chiaki) is Kuzuryū High's point guard. He is a genius and has incredible vision on the court. He also has incredible ball handling abilities and immense strength. Contrary to his build, he is fairly weak in defense and rarely contributes to blocking and rebounding but has a great eye for steals. His main weakness is his pace and free-throws as he is prone to succumb under pressure. Although primarily a Point Guard due to his play-making abilities, he is an all-rounder that can play in any position. His strength and size allows him to play as a Center or Power Forward, and due to his mid-range scoring ability he can be an effective Small Forward as well. Due to his build and skill set, Nanase, the team manager strongly believes that his ideal position would be a Point Forward, a play-making forward occupying the SF or PF position. He is Momoharu Hanazono's twin brother.


Chiaki has a black afro hair, chinky eyes, small eyebrows and has a short-beard.