Duck and Kite(Ahiru to Tobi) is the eighth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Yoshino, the girl who Kite knocked out, is apologized to by Momoharu on Kite’s behalf. Sora returns Kite’s ball to him, but gets punched in the process. Kite rejects the idea of a team and only cares about the ball and basket.

Next day Kite is found in the court standing with male students he pummeled at his feet. The new advisor for the basketball team arrives and says he will disband the team. Kite actually owns up to what he’s done, but doesn’t miss the chance to say he isn’t associated with the basketball team because they’re below him.

Kite was disowned by his family and lives with an aunt. He gets calls from his little sister Juri and he promises to see her again at the inter tournament. Kite challenges Sora to a one-on-one. The rules are set up that Sora has to get the ball from him. The condition is if Sora wins, Kite has to join the team and go to inter high tournament. Sora finally gets the ball when Kite is caught in a reverie about when his father would play basketball with him. The team advisor arrives to tell Kite he has been expelled. Ryuuhei, Yasuhara and Masahiro arrive with the students Kite beat up the day prior. They say Kite shouldn’t be expelled and should listen to what the students have to say.

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