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Duck and Kite (アヒルとトビ, Ahiru to Tobi) is the eighth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime. The opening theme is Happy Go Ducky! which is performed by the pillows. The ending theme is Tsubasa which is performed by saji.


Kenji only cares about two things: the ball and the basket. Team bonding? He'll pass, thanks... but will he change his tune when he learns he shares a common dream with Sora?


The girl that Kenji knocked out, her name is Yoshino. Momoharu being the Captain of the boys' team, on behalf of Kenji apologizes to her. Later on, Sora returns Kenji his ball, instead of saying thank you, gets punched. Kurumatani invites him to join his team; Kenji rejects it and tells him he only cares about the ball and basket.

The next day Kenji gets himself in another altercation, and this time it's with the schools' senior males students who are beaten to the ground inside the basketball gym. Satsuki is the new advisor for Kuzuryū High and sees the team members have already got into a quarrel and informs them; he will disband the boys' team. Kenji tells the advisor he isn't associated with the basketball team and owns up to face the consequence. Upon his exit, Satsuki tells Momoharu that he is lucky this time, and the next he catches him or his teammates causing any trouble will face disbandment.  

Kenji currently lives with his ant in Kawasaki. He is not on speaking terms with his mother, who got married after his father's death. As he sits in the park, Kenji receives a phone call from his little sister Juri, and he promises to see her again at the Inter-High Tournament. Sora eavesdrops and listens to Kite's conversation with his sibling and challenges him to a one-on-one friendly bout. The rules are straightforward, the first one to steal the ball from his opponent wins. While defending against Sora, Kenji reminisces his time with his father and how he got into playing basketball. During that moment, Sora steals the ball from him. Afterward, the advisor, Satsuki, arrives and informs Kenji that he has been expelled. During that time, Ryuuhei, Yasuhara, and Masahiro arrived with the senior students; the day before, Kenji fought. They informed Satsuki that Natsume shouldn't be expelled and should listen to what these students have to say.

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Episode Staff

  • Storyboard: Rei Nakahara
  • Director: Harume Kosaka
  • Animation Directors: Naomi Ide, Mayuko Matsumoto, Masakazu Ishikawa, Tatsuo Honda, Michiko Makita, Synod