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First Flight (初めての飛翔, Hajimete no Hishō) is the fourth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime. The opening theme is Happy Go Ducky! which is performed by the pillows. The ending theme is Tsubasa which is performed by saji.


The day of the practice match against Shinmaruko High is here, and Sora can't wait to hit the court. As this will be his first official game. Can the delinquents of Kuzuryū High stand a chance against their more experienced opponents?


Before the match, Sora texts his mother about his recent progress at Kuzuryū High. She sees Sora and other Kuzuryū High members' photograph and gets worried about him that his colleagues are a bunch of delinquents.

Chiaki barges into Sora's class under the guise as he forgot he isn't a freshman anymore. Some of Sora's classmates make fun of him. Later, in the locker room, Chiaki provides Sora with a seating chart marking the students in Kurumatani's class and asks him to give the names of those students who mocked him earlier. Sora is impressed by Chiaki's memory skills on how he could chart out the entire classroom with a few glances.

Tomorrow is the practice game against Shinmaruko High. Sora sends his mother updates about it. Madoka figures out Sora's mom is Yuka Kurumatani, a retired famous player on Japan's national team. Madoka then asks Sora how often does he speak to her. Kurumatani informs Madoka that he often texts her, and she is in the hospital and suffering from a critical illness.

At the beginning of the practice match, the delinquents of Shinmaruko High mock and heckle Sora's team as they make their way on the court. Sora informs his teammates that this match is his first official game. All the Kuzuryū High members participate in this match except Chiaki, who is waiting for his date to arrive under the Kawasaki bridge. The game starts, and Momoharu successfully gets the tip-off from Shinichi Chiba and passes the ball to Sora, who scores a three-pointer from the half-court. Kurumatani informs Maru High not to underestimate him and his teammates. Tokiwa gets excited upon seeing Sora's range and tries to figure out how to guard Sora against shooting threes.

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Episode Staff

  • Storyboard: Shingo Tamaki
  • Director: Kiyotaka Kantake
  • Animation Director: Zang youshick