First Flight (Hajimete no Hisho) is the fourth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sora texts his mom updates of him at school. She worries about him after seeing he’s on a team of delinquents.

Chiaki barges into Sora’s class under the guise he forgot he isn’t a freshman anymore. In the locker room, Chiaki provides Sora with a seating chart marking the students he wants Sora to get names and numbers from. It’s impressive with how he could chart out the room with a few glances.

Tomorrow is the game against Maru High. Sora sends his mother updates about it. Madoka figures out Sora’s mom is a famous player on Japan’s national team. Madoka then asks if Sora can send her updates as well.

Seniors of Maru High watch the game and heckle Kuzu Basketball Team. Sora admits this is his first game. First round goes well. The game starts with Momoharu passing the ball to Sora who scores them three points. Their leverage was being underestimate. Once Tokiwa figures Sora only shoots from one side of the court, the game turns against Kuzu High.

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