Do you know about it? When someone is extremely skilled at dribbling they can take your legs from under you... They're are called "Ankle Breaker!"

—Fuwa Hyou, to Kenji Natsume

Hyou Fuwa (不破 豹 Fuwa Hyou) is a first year small forward who plays for the Inter-high top challengers Yokohama Taiei High.


Fuwa is about 178 cm. He has medium length messy orange hair with dark oddly cat-like eyes. His jersey number is 15 and he wears 'Nike Air Bakin' sneakers.


Fuwa first appeared by challenging Kenji Natsume to a 1-on-1 game which he later won. Fuwa has what is called by Kenji and the others an odd sense in style which makes him stand out. At first glance, he would not appear to be a typical basketball player. When excited he tends to lick his fingers, which reinforces the impression of his cat-like features.


His ball-handling skills rival—if not surpass—Kenji's. He is also a very quick and agile player. Although being 178 cm he can also perform dunks.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability


  • The name Hyou means "leopard" (豹).
  • Hyou's surname Fuwa means "not" (不) (fu) and "break" (破) (wa).


  • "Say... Aren't ya angry? Them sayin' shorty shorty. Don't that piss you off?" - to Yozan Kamiki (Chapter 96)
  • "Well, you know, It's cuz I'm a Tensai. I don't need practice." - to Keisuke Mineta (Chapter 113)
  • "I don't know about other people, But to me, skills are everything." - to Keisuke Mineta (Chapter 113)
  • "So players on the team that are useless don't interest me one bit. Cuz 'Yokohama Taiei' is just a stepping stone." - to Keisuke Mineta (Chapter 113)
  • "Hey, are you gonna help me pump some adrenaline? Cuz this game has been too boring so far." - to Kenji Natsume (Chapter 122)
  • "Hey! I've been waiting. Let's shut them down this quarter. So make sure you give it your all." - to Yozan Kamiki (Chapter 132)
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