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For this team. I want to leave behind a miracle

—Katsumi Takahashi, to Shinjo Towa Academy

Katsumi Takahashi (高橋克己, Takahashi Katsumi) is a third year point guard and captain who plays for Shinjo Towa Academy.


Takahashi is about 191 cm. He has medium-length black hair with eyes of the same corresponding color. His jersey number is 4, and he wears 'Reebok Pump' sneakers, and in the Monster Bash Tournament, wore 'ASICS Japan L' sneakers.


Takahashi and Kojima were previously on the basketball team of their junior high school and are presumably long time friends. Kojima and Takashi wanted to join the Shinjo Towa basketball team but because the previous players had all graduated, they became the only two players on the team.

One day, Takahashi had a group of middle schoolers train in their gym. He trained them in the hopes of creating prospects for their team when they became high schoolers. Kojima and Takahashi became the faces of the team and, being the most experienced, they led the team through inspiration and good morale. The two of them are so influential, that their team can keep cheering so loud even if they are behind.


Takahashi is the 'ace' of Shinjo Towa Academy. A natural all-around player. He has exceptional leadership qualities and highly respected by all the freshmen on his team. Takahashi's basketball skills are undisputedly impressive: he was easily able to block Shigeyoshi's sky-hook shot. He has a very high level of physical ability and a wide range of skills. He was a starter on the same team as Shinichi Chiba in his junior high school. He is more of a power forward than a point guard and is good at driving in from the post up and shooting threes from quick motion.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
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  • The name Katsumi means "overcome, self-control."
  • Katsumi's surname Takahashi (高橋) means "high bridge."


  • "Thank you Koji I understand the situation now... I'm gonna create our window of opportunity." - to Yukinari Kojima (Chapter 70)
  • "Our first Inter-High is our last chance. This isn't where we lose. This isn't our last game." - to himself (Chapter 76)