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If you hadn't spoken to me back then. I'm sure my high school life would have been useless. You made somebody like me discover the worth of getting fired up about something!

—Kazushi Kashiwagi , to Katsumi Takahashi

Kazushi Kashiwagi (柏木 和史 Kashiwagi Kazushi) is a second year small forward who plays for Shinjo Towa Academy. All freshmen on the team call him ‘scary-sempai’ and ‘sideburns’ by Yasuhara.


Kazushi is 178 cm tall. He has medium length light brown hair with sideburns that are dark brown in color. He has light brown eyes and wears jersey number 7.


Kazushi is a candid individual. When speaking, he is usually blunt and direct towards others. Due to his straightforward personality, he doesn’t get along very well with most of his teammates. Many of the rookies are afraid to engage in a conversation with him. The only person he respects and admires on the team is Takahashi. Apart from that, Kazushi is a hard-working individual, often staying late at school to hone and improve his basketball skills.

He is an avid reader of Japanese manga, and his favorite sports series is Slam Dunk.

Note! The creator of Ahiru no SoraTakeshi Hinata’ illustrated this particular scene in the series as a reference to show his gratitude and appreciation towards Takehiko Inoue’s best-selling sports manga Slam Dunk.


Kazushi made his debut during Shinjo Towa’s series first practice session, which took place prior to the ‘Inter-High Preliminaries.’ Before starting his training regimen, Kazushi gets furious at the freshmen on his team for not mopping the floor properly. One of the rookies, while cleaning the gym, commented that Kashiwagi is a scary individual. In comparison to other seniors, he never takes part in doing any chores at the gymnasium. Kazushi then lines up with the rest of his squad as they chant their school’s name to begin their training routine.


Kazushi is a decent small forward. He started playing basketball in High School, and his playstyle and technique are very similar to Takahashi. He is good at making layups effectively; his mid to long-range game is lackluster. An agile player, swiftly creating some space between himself and his defender.

Kazushi needs to work on improving his defense as his emotions get the best of him. He sometimes over judges a particular situation that makes himself prone to mistakes, as he allowed some easy transitions to the Kuzuryū High squad.  

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  • The name Kazushi means "harmony, peace" (和) (kazu) and "history" (史) (shi).
  • Kazushi's surname Kashiwagi means "oak" (柏) (kashi) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki/gi).


  • Oi korraaa first years who mopped the floor today? Redo it.” – to Shinjo Towa Academy teammates (Chapter 67)
  • That hurts! I’ll shank you, idiot.” – to Yasuhara Shinichi (Chapter 72)
  • Tch. Start doing your job. Don’t go slacking around under the basket!” – to Tamo Yukio and Rokurou Hirai (Chapter 72)