Kenji "Tobi" Natsume (夏目 健二, Natsume Kenji), is Kuzuryū High student who can play both Small Forward and Shooting Guard.

Appearance Edit

He's tatted in his right arm and always wear a black sleeve to cover most of them. He keeps the top section of his hair up in box braids, bantu knots and occasionally in cornrows. His hair is textured and voluminous when unbraided.

Personality Edit

He has a frank personality, which causes him to clash with his teammates though he may have a point somehow. Despite it, he has his good traits, such as sharing some tips to the likes of Yasuhara whenever he's needed. He is a competitor and hates losing but has come to acknowledge that there maybe someone better than him. This changed demeanor would eventually be the key to level up his game.

Skills Edit

At first, he was selfish because of too much confidence in his skills. He felt the need to become stronger individually for the team but later realized that he had been approaching things the wrong way. He has come to value teamwork along with the drive to get on top together with his teammates.

He is left-handed and excels in scoring. He is the focal point of the team's offense and has the majority of the team's points. He is primarily offensive minded, but is also an excellent defender and can carry the responsibility of shutting down the opposing teams' best scorers. Sometimes he is involved in ball distribution. Because he can play the Small Forward and Shooting Guard position, he is considered a "Swingman".

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Biography Edit

When he was young, his biological father who was a scaffolding constructor died due to accident while working. His father was supportive of his love for basketball and planned on gifting him a basketball 3 days before his birthday. It was eventually discovered by his mother in his father's luggage. Since then, Kenji has held unto that basketball up to this day. His mother remarried and he has a sister named Juri whom he loves so much and is very close to him. However, he is not on good terms with his stepfather and he often got into fights, which led to him being sent in Kanagawa where his aunt lives. He made a promise to Juri that she will see him in Inter-high.He realized the only way was to become an official freshman of the Kuzu High Basketball Team.


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