Kite, His Ball and the Team's Pain (Tobi no Boru to Nakama no Itami) is the Ninth episode of Ahiru no Sora anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The students that Kite beat up confess that they were trying to pressure Kite into joining their clique. When Kite rejected them, they jumped him. The advisor dismisses them and merely replies in metaphor along the lines of saying life is tough.

Kite comes across Chiaki similar to the way Sora did on his first day. They talk about basketball when Kite gets a call from his little sister.

Sora begs the advisor to reconsider Kite’s expulsion. The principal overhears and agrees to let Kite stay. Kite promises to take Kuzu High to the tournament.

At practice, Kite teaches the members to dribble and explains it like sticking to the ball. Kite tells Sora about his father who passed away in a construction accident. The ball he has is the last thing he was given from his father. Momoharu tells Kite to apologize to Yoshino, but turns out he’s dating her now. Chiaki says he wanted to date Yoshino and Kite must now face his wrath.

It’s too late for them to enter the current inter tournament so they go to watch it instead. They find that the teams are better than they can imagine and even Maru High is struggling to hold their own. They win against the odds, and Tokiwa says Maru High will be claiming the throne.

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