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Michiro Konno (紺野 道郎, Konno Michiro) is a first-year substitute center who plays for Kuzuryū High. He can also play the position of a Power Forward when required. Michiro, due to his excellent jumping ability, is considered the successor of Momoharu on the team.


Michiro is about 181 cm tall. He has medium-length black hair with a spikey faux hawk hairstyle. In comparison to Momoharu, who is much more robust and vigorous than him, Michiro has a minor-muscular and skinny physique, enabling him to drive pass his opponents efficiently.


A cheerful and good-natured individual. Upon his introduction to the series, Michiro developed a strong rapport with all the Kuzuryū High members. An extremely hardworking person, one who has never missed a practice session in his junior high. However, he suffers from yips, which frequently occurs primarily during the match causing his body to stiffen. Due to his severe state of nervousness, he could not attain a starter position on his middle school team.


Michiro started playing basketball in his junior high, and he played for Kosugi Middle School. In his third year of junior high, he saw Kuzuryū High compete at the Kawasaki Regional Qualifying Tournament. He was highly impressed and motivated by Sora's team performance and believed that this team could undeniably rise to the top. After graduating from middle school, he enrolled in Kuzuryū High. Michiro was one of the first ten or so freshmen to join the basketball club and the only one who didn't quit after the first day of practice.

Michiro made his official debut as a team member midway through the Kanto Tournament against Tamagawa Gakuen. However, during the match, his signs of nervousness (yips) started to occur, and he was unable to show off his abilities. After that, he became very depressed, Chiaki as his senior, advised him that overcoming the yips would be the key to Kuzuryū High success in the long run. He became inspired by Hanazono's conversation, and he started to work diligently hard to overcome his anxiety issues.


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  • The name Michiro means "lead, ocean, and broad-minded."
  • Michiro's surname Konno (道郎) means "now, near and 'field."