Kuzuryū High is a school in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Perfecture where Sora Kurumatani and the Hanazono brothers plays. The school is known for its basketball club that only delinquents join.


  • Sora Kurumatani: The guy who made the basketball team of Kuzuryū High serious of playing basketball and the manga centers around him. He is the genius shooter of Kuzuryū High basketball team. Plays as a Shooting Guard but is learning his trade as a Point Guard.
  • Momoharu Hanazono: Athletic team captain, has great sense and the ability for rebounds and blocks. Can play as either Center or Power Forward.
  • Chiaki Hanazono: An easy going genius. Primarily a Point Guard, but is an all-rounded player who can play in any position due to his build and skills.
  • Kenji Natsume: A delinquent first year who always causes trouble. Plays as either a Small Forward or Shooting Guard and is the main scorer for the team.
  • Kaname Shigeyoshi: Tallest player of Kuzuryū High. Plays as a Center, with a focus on technique instead of physical ability. Has weak health and poor stamina, compounded by his one-year absence from basketball. A hook shot expert.
  • Yasuhara Shinichi: Substitute player who primarily plays as a Small Forward and has talent in scoring.
  • Masahiro Saki: Substitute player who can play as either a Guard or Forward but primarily as a Guard. Shows promise as a Point Guard and has talent in defense.
  • Ryuuhei Nabeshima: Substitute player who can play as either a Guard or Forward. Practicing long shots to become a useful player in the offense.


If you like to see Kuzuryu High's games please click on this link. IT HAS HEAVY SPOILERS PLEASE DON'T CONTINUE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS.

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