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Basketball isn't some merciful sport that you can just crawl back to...

—Manabu Konishi, to Momoharu Hanazono

Manabu Konishi (小西学, Konishi Manabu) is a first-year center who plays for Kitasumi High. At present, Konishi is a sub-member, and he is working hard to earn a spot on his teams' starting lineup. Everyone at Kitasumi High calls him 'KONEY.'


Konishi is about 196 cm tall. He has black crew-cut hair with spikes in front, and his eyes are usually closed. In his middle school days, Konishi was physically thin and athletically weak. After constant training and dedication in basketball, he has built a lot of muscle mass and height. And is now physically capable of standing toe to toe with opposing teams' strong centers. His jersey number is 14, and he wears 'Air Zoom Brave 1.5' sneakers.


He is a kind and caring person who gets along well with his peers. An honest and reliable individual. One who always speaks the truth, and he never tries to deceive people. He plays the sport of basketball with the utmost honesty and integrity. He hates individuals who lie to him. Growing up, Momoharu has been his inspiration for playing the sport of basketball. In his junior high days, when Hanazono lied to Konishi and broke the promise of playing basketball together, Manabu took that very personally. He held that resentment and grudge when they met each other in high school, and he informed Momoharu that basketball isn't a sport that you can crawl back into after being away from the game for a long time.


Konishi is from Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. He started playing the sport of basketball in his first year of junior high. He attended the same middle school as the Hanazono brothers. Konishi looked up to both of them and longed for their attention, especially Momoharu, whose dedication inspired Konishi to play the sport of basketball. In his junior high, Konishi, compared to Hanazono, was short in height and physically weak. When the Hanazono brothers quit playing the sport in their second year of junior high, Konishi was heartbroken and shocked. He, however, continued playing the sport by improving and honing his basketball skills.

At present, Konishi is a sub-member at Kitasumi High. He made his official appearance in the series before the practice game between Kitasumi High and Kuzuryū High. Upon meeting Momoharu, Konishi took a challenging attitude towards him, who lied to him and broke his promise back in middle school. Momoharu's poor performance in the practice game was shocking and disturbing to him, as Hanazono was his inspiration. Konishi surprised Momoharu by showing how much he had improved and grown as a player. At present, he still looks up to Momoharu and hopes that Hanazono improves his basketball skills, so both can play against each other at their full strength.


Konishi is a strong upcoming center. As being the tallest member of his team, he takes the center position very seriously. Manabu has good rebounding skills, and due to his tall and muscular physic, can effectively stop his opponents from scoring within the paint area. Konishi has the physical ability to perform dunks but prefers doing layups, as it has the highest success rate in terms of getting points for the team. He can also effectively make mid-range shots and free throws.

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  • The name Manabo means "study, to learn, to take lesson."
  • Manabo surname Konishi means "old" (古) (ko) and "west" (西) (nishi).


  • It’s been a while Hanazono-sempai... Yes, thanks to you I always used to do extra practice with you sempais because I sucked at basketball.” - to Momoharu Hanazono and Chaiki Hanazono (Chapter 37)
  • Momoharu-sempai taught me a lot of things. Without you sempais it was a bit lonely to play basketball with people who weren’t serious about it. But after that until today I haven’t skipped a practice session not even once.” - to Momoharu Hanazono and Chiaki Hanazono (Chapter 37)
  • "Tell me, is there a reason you aren't trying to score any baskets? First you screwed up that jump ball and now this. Have you forgotten how to play game? I'm disappointed because I had been really looking forward to playing aganst you, Sempai." - to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 40)