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I may not be able to actually score any points, but I'll do all the other stuff that only I can accomplish!

—Masahiro Saki

Masahiro Saki (茶木 正広, Saki Masahiro) is a second-year substitute small forward who plays for Kuzuryū High. He can also play a small role of point guard when the team needs him to do so. Everyone at Kuzu-High calls him 'Chucky.'


Masahiro is about 171 cm tall. He has long brown hair that ends before his shoulders and similar-colored eyes. He has weak eyesight so he wears rectangular stainless steel glasses. His jersey number is 6, and he wears a pair of white sneakers which have blue out-soles.


Masahiro is a carefree and overconfident individual. Due to his playful and flippant nature in extra-curricular activities and studies, he hasn't attained much success in life in general. However, meeting Sora changed his awareness of the sport of basketball. Nonetheless, he still lost his passion as he was unable to understand his role in the team. As a result, he was at odds with Kenji, who scolded him for not taking the sport of basketball seriously. Later on, he reconciled with Natsume and others at Kuzuryū High. Currently, he is focused on becoming an efficient defensive forward or guard.


Masahiro is from Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. He is good friends with Momoharu, Chiaki, Yasuhara, and particularly Nabeshima. When they are not playing basketball, the two usually hang out at the local arcades or convenience stores. Similar to Yasuhara and Nabe, Chucky had no prior experience in basketball. He started taking the sport seriously when his delinquent colleagues became determined to hone their basketball skills.

During the series first training camp, Saki and Nabe got into a severe argument with Natsume. Kenji scolded them for not taking the basketball practice sessions seriously. Upon hearing that, both left the school facility. To test their basketball skills Saki and Nabe participated in a friendly match against junior high kids at a nearby park. Due to their overconfidence and inadequate basketball skills, both lost the game. After the game, one of the middle school kids approached them, asking them if they were members of a basketball team. Upon hearing that, Saki and Nabe lost their will and confidence in playing the sport. Sora later confronted them and asked why they left the training camp. Chucky stated, "I have lost my passion for playing basketball because at the current moment, I am unable to find my role as a player on the team; hence I don't see this sport enjoyable anymore."

While walking across the nearby park, Chucky and Nabe eavesdropped on a conversation between a middle school kid and his girlfriend. She stated, "In my opinion, people who play basketball look awesome and cool." Upon hearing that, Chucky and Nabe were shocked and amazed to see such a young kid achieve so much in life. Through sheer hard work and determination, he took his game to the next level, which his girlfriend appreciated. Chucky believed that if this junior high kid can achieve this much in his life, then it's not impossible for them. Chucky and Nabe thought that, by improving their basketball skills, they can also become popular among girls. The subsequent day both challenged the junior high kids to another basketball match. With assistance from Sora, they won the game and returned to the training camp.

Soon after, Yasuhara and Nabe have found their roles in the team; however, Chucky still seems to be struggling. Noenethelss, at present, he has committed to becoming a full-fledged guard or forward, and instead of focusing on scoring, he is working hard to improve his defensive and passing skills. Afterward, in the series, he could not keep up with his evolving teammates, and got into an argument with the teams' coach over his training regimen, decided to leave Kuzuryu High. However, Masahiro does make a minor cameo appearance in the series.


Masahiro's field goal percentage and court vision aren't that great. But due to his decent defensive skills makes him an efficient backup guard or forward. Instead of focusing on attaining points, he is currently working hard to become a player who will lead his team in assists.

Physical Ability
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  • "We finally get some rest. My legs won't move. I underestimated basketball." - to Kuzuryū High (Chapter 11)
  • "I am quitting it's like Kenji said, having us around is only going to drag the rest of you guys down." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 34)
  • "Nah, we're done now. We got taught a real lesson about how much we underestimated the game of basketball." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 34)
  • "Those kids at the park were really good... You know it's not that easy, man. For example, those times when the ball comes in like this... We can't do much until we learn how to deal with those screen things." - to Ryuuhei Nabeshima (Chapter 34)
  • "The truth is my dream is to go to the inter-high basketball tourney!" - to himself (Chapter 34)
  • "Shut up! We've only summoned up 10% of our full power!" - Kids at Chitose Central Park (Chapter 34)
  • "It makes sense that we can't score any baskets... but why the hell are we powerless to stop them from taking any shots?" - to himself (Chapter 34)
  • "I don't understand how they're getting past us so easily. We should at least have some advantage based on our overwhelming height!" - to himself (Chapter 34)
  • "Am I wrong. Is our height the reason they keep getting past us?" - to himself (Chapter 34)