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Some pain in life must be borne with. Remember that

—Masayoshi Satsuki, to Kuzuryū High

Masayoshi Satsuki (五月正義, Satsuki Masayoshi) is the advisor for Kuzuryū High's basketball club. Everyone on the team calls him "Satsuki-sensie."


Satsuki is a Life Guidance teacher at Kuzuryū High. He was appointed to be the club advisor for the team on the request of the Kuzu High principal.

He lives in Kanagawa Perfecture. His wife (name not mentioned) is expecting their first child.

Role as Advisor

Satsuki was reluctant to take the role of advisor at the beginning of the series because the basketball club was full of defects. Also, the team was known where only delinquents join.

Soon after Satsuki became the advisor, Kenji, who was not a member of Kuzuryū High team at that time, injured some of the upperclassmen. Satsuki gave the them a warning that any more fighting will result in disbandment of the club.

As the series progressed, Satsuki's demeanor changed with the team. Each member of the Kuzu High team started working hard especially during their basketball practice sessions. To keep up with them, Satsuki started reading books on basketball so that he could provide some support to the team members.

Satsuki's first official basketball match as an advisor was during the Kitasumi High practice game. Even though Kuzuryū High lost the match, he was amazed and impressed by their efforts. To show his appreciation, Satsuki later on rewarded the team by treating them with a BBQ dinner.


  • The name Satsuki means " early moon, month, swamp, shore, rain."
  • Satsuki's surname Masayoshi (正義) means "correct, justice, righteous."


  • "What are you doing? A dispute as soon as becoming the advisor... What hopeless guys" - to Kuzuryū High (Chapter 19)
  • "Looks like you were able to escape from being disbanded... Isn't that good Hanazono." to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 20)
  • "Such strange feeling. I was only just a spectator but it's still frustrating... Next time you will win." - to Nao Nanao (Chapter 21)
  • "Nanao. Gather all of the boys together. Let's go out and have BBQ for dinner... I'll give you a reward in advance for your next victory." - to Nao Nanao (Chapter 21)