Momoharu Hanazono (花園 百春, Hanazono Momoharu) is Kuzuryū High's captain and regulator who can play both Power Forward and Center. He is Chiaki Hanazono's younger twin brother. He has a friendly relationship with Madoka Yabuchi, while being good classmates, they sometimes look like a couple.

Appearance Edit

His hair is styled into a blond pompadour. He stands tall with a lanky, yet proportional build. His shoulders are somewhat rolled forward in neglect to stand up straight.

He has poor eyesight and he requires glasses but he's rarely seen wearing them.

Post-Time skip (spoilers ahead)

He shaved his head after the time skip due to wanting to repent for the team's sins.

Personality Edit

If his swagger is not a dead giveaway, his attitude is. He has a superiority complex and feels he is in charge of the basketball court, which fits his position as the team captain. He is someone Chiaki recommends avoiding. He's stubborn and rather insecure about his basketball capabilities. But with the persistence of Sora, he warms up to playing basketball again.

Despite his bad traits, it is worth noting that during the 5 on 1 match against , he was the only one who didn't foul or do any dirty play, which means that he's still serious and never stopped loving the sport. Also as the team captain, he has a sense of responsibility and is not afraid to face the consequences of his or the team's actions.

Skills Edit

As the centerpiece for both offense and defense, the team heavily relies on his rebounding and blocking, which is backed by his jumping power that enables him to go up against bigger guys, such as Shinichi Chiba of Maru High. Although a Power Forward primarily, he can also be great at the Center position. That is if Mokichi is not on the court and Chiaki plays PG. He can also fill in as a Small Forward if either Chiaki or Mokichi are occupying the Center and Power Forward positions.

He is bad at shooting and lay ups, but is able to dunk.

Biography Edit

When he was younger, he played basketball all the time and trained constantly but struggles with depth perception and can't make a basket. He played terribly in his very first game, which led to him being benched most of the time. Added by the scolding of his coach during that time, he was finally discouraged and stopped playing basketball all the way up to his 2nd year of high school.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Trivia Edit

  • The Hanazono twins' respective play styles are the exact opposite of one another. Chiaki excels in offense while Momoharu in defense.


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