Momoharu Hanazono
花園 百春
Momoharu Hanazono
Personal statistics
Name Momoharu Hanazono
花園 百春
Gender Male
Height 189 cm
Weight 74 kg
Birthday January 1st
Blood type A
Basketball statistics
Team Kuzuryū High
Position Power Forward / Center
Number 4
Speciality Jumping
Momoharu Hanazono (花園 百春, Hanazono Momoharu) is Kuzuryū High's captain and regulator Power Forward / Center. He is great in either position but now only plays Center if Mokichi isn't on the court and Chiaki is in PG. He specializes in his jumping: dunks, blocks and rebounds. As the captain of the team, he is the centerpiece of both the offense and defense, with the team heavily relying on his rebounding and blocking. He is bad at shooting and lay-ups, but is a reliable free throw shooter in clutch moments. He can also fill in as a Small Forward if both Chiaki and Mokichi are occupying the Center and Power Forward positions. He is fairly athletic and durable. He is Chiaki Hanazono's twin brother.