The necessary thing for this team to win is to admit your own weaknesses here and the only way to resolve it is by using team work. There is no "I" in team. The most fundamental basics of basketball

—Nao Nanao, to Kuzuryū High

Nao Nanao (七尾奈緒, Nanao Nao) is the club manager for Kuzuryū High.


Nao is short but beautiful, which makes her cute. She grew fond of Sora which made her show her true self.


Nao is very upbeat and energetic but her hyperactivity makes her quite accident-prone. When she speaks she has a habit of being very honest and upfront with her opinions of others.


Her father owns a sports good store known as 'Sports Nanao' in Kanagawa Perfecture.

Prior to joining Kuzuryū High, Nao was also a club manager for the team that Madoka played in during middle school.


She is not just a club manager but also a great tactician. She was confident enough to agree to a practice match between the Boys and Girls basketball club, even with a condition that favors the boys' perversely intentions. During the match, she easily identified the weakness of the team, notably Sora and Kenji and set up effective strategies against them.


  • "Ah! Kurumatani-kun. My name is Nanao Nao. Nice to meet you." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 25)
  • "I actually saw the match with Maru-High. Kurumatani-kun was pretty cool. Good luck with your basketball and good night." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 25)
  • "1st year 3rd class Nanao Nao. I am 144 cm, weight 36 kg, Blood Type B and Star Pisces. My favourite food is Green Tea Pudding! As manager I will assist everybody to the best of my ability." - to Kuzuryū High (Chapter 25)
  • "I think everybody is amazing and with these members they don't seem like some thrown together team. I don't think it's possible for them to win a match." - to Madoka Yabuchi (Chapter 25)
  • "Natsumi-kun sense of responsibility as a forward, that supports his confidence... The amount of talent he has is huge but sometimes that can become a weakness." - to Kuzuryū High (Chapter 27)
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