Now's the Time(Imashikanee) is the sixth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Maru High’s team puts three players to block Sora, making it slim to pass to him. Sora’s leg is starting to fail on him as well. Chiaki decided it’s too hard to watch Kuzu High fail anymore and leaves. Madoka confronts him about it, but he remembers the humiliation of losing in the past and doesn’t want to repeat it.

One of the seniors watching from Maru High tosses an empty can onto the court for Sora to trip on. Chiaki enters the court singing, wearing a jersey that says “love”. He throws a table at the seniors from Maru High. Chiba tells Tokiwa he played against Chiaki in middle school and never saw a play with skills like his.

Sora gives Chiaki the ball saying he figured Chiaki is point guard because of his analytical abilities. With Chiaki leading offense, Nabe scores a point. Despite knowing they will not be winning, the Kuzu team is determined to make the last basket. Maru High is already deciding to not let them get the ball until the clock runs out. As Sora is about to score the final ball, the buzzer runs out.

Afterward, the teams congratulate one another on a good game. Chiba and Sora talk about what height means in basketball. Chiba tells Sora to eat more meat to gain height.

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