Now's the Time (今しかねえ, Imashikanee) is the sixth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime. The opening theme is Happy Go Ducky! which is performed by the pillows. The ending theme is Tsubasa which is performed by saji.


Sora’s new strategy has put him in the crosshairs of the defense, and things are looking bleak. Luckily for him, Kuzuryū High's secret weapon is ready to take the court!


With fatigue beyond the limit, Sora suddenly changed his teammates' attitude with the 'female style two-handed shot' that his mother taught him. However, the gap between them and Shinmaruko High is a lot, and Kuzuryū High is fighting desperately to catch up. Meanwhile, Shinmaruko High's team puts three players to block Sora, making it slim to pass to him. Sora's leg is starting to fail on him as well. Chiaki gets frustrated and decided to walk away as it's too hard for him to watch Kuzuryū High lose. Madoka confronts him about it, as he remembers the humiliation of his defeat during his junior days and doesn't want to repeat it.

One of the seniors from Shinmaruko High side tosses an empty can onto the court, and Sora steps on it and falls. Chiaki enters the court singing, wearing a jersey that says "love." He throws a table at the seniors of Maru High. Chiba tells Tokiwa he played against Chiaki in middle school and never saw a play with his skills.

Sora gives Chiaki the ball. As he figures out, due to his analytical skills, Chiaki's position is the point guard. With Chiaki leading offense, Nabe scores a point. Despite knowing they will not be winning, the Kuzuryū High team is determined to make the last basket. Maru High is already deciding not to let them get the ball until the clock runs out. As Sora is about to score the final point, the time runs out. After the conclusion of the game, both the teams congratulate one another for a good match. Sora approaches Chiba and asks him how he can become tall like him. Chiba laughs at his question and tells Kurumatani to eat meat to increase his height.

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Episode Staff

  • Storyboard: Keizo Kusakawa
  • Director: Daishi Kato
  • Animation Directors: En Ozawa, Yukie Ishibashi, Saori Hosoda, Ayumu Samukawa, Miho Jinnai, Masato Nishikawa, Masakazu Ishikawa


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