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Over is the second ending theme of the Ahiru no Sora anime series. It is performed by Yuma Uchida.

Track List

Disc 1 (CD)

  1. Over
  2. Loser
  3. Buzzer Beater
  4. Over (off vocal version)
  5. Loser (off vocal version)
  6. Buzzer Beater (off vocal version)

Disc 2 (DVD)

  1. Over (MUSIC VIDEO)
  2. Over (MAKING)

The Characters In Order of Appearance 

Artist Comments

I think the energy that flows in "Ahiru no Sora" lies in the fact that even if you stumble into various difficulties, you can crawl back up from there and hit the feeling of playing basketball and move forward. This ending theme, "Over," is a piece of music that will sound like you are going through something in your lives, and it's packed with power and passion that will help you enjoy the anime every week. I am also the voice actor for character Momoharu Hanazono,  so I'm going to give it my all as both an actor and a singer in "Ahiru no Sora"! (By Yuma Uchida)


T.V Size Ver.

Hitori ja umaku ikanakute mo

Kikkake nante tanjun-sa

Mienai deguchi ni hikari ga sashite

Asu wa soko ni aru n da

Hitori nanka ja nakatta

Kono me ni utsuru keshiki no naka ni

Kimi ga ire ba doko made da tte ikeru sa

Kitto genkai nante nai sa n da

Kimi ga ire ba tsuyoku naru n da

Nan do de mo tachiagatte susunde ikō


Saikō no ichi byō made

Akiramenaide butsukatte

Kono michi no saki wa kanarazu

Kagayaiteru kara







君がいれば どこまでだって行けるさ


君がいれば 強くなるんだ


Wow oh oh oh Wow oh oh oh Wow oh oh oh


諦めないで ぶつかって



I can't do things well when I'm by myself

What motivates me are simple things

A light shines on the exit I can't see

Tomorrow is right here

I wasn't alone

In the scenery in these eyes

If you are there, I can go on forever

There's no limit

If you are there, I can be stronger

Get up over and over again and keep moving forward

Wow oh oh oh Wow oh oh oh Wow oh oh oh

Till the last second

Don't give up and tackle it head on

Beyond this path

It will be shining

Full Size Ver.