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In any case, right now, I just wanna find a way to become a useful member that the team needs

—Ryuuhei Nabeshima, to Kaname Shigeyoshi

Ryuuhei Nabeshima (鍋島竜平, Nabeshima Ryuuhei) is a second-year substitute shooting guard who plays for Kuzuryū High. He can also play a small role as a small forward when the team needs him to do so. Everyone on the Kuzu-High calls him 'Nabe.'


Nabe is about 173 cm tall. At the start of the series, Nabe had medium length black hair but later changed it to buzz-cut. He has black colored eyes that are usually closed or squinted. Nabe has excessive facial hair on his hands and forearms. His jersey number is 8, and he wears a pair of white sneakers which have blue out-soles.


Nabe's family runs a rice farm in Ibaraki prefecture. He currently resides in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. He is good friends with Momoharu, Chiaki, Yasuhara, and particularly Masahiro. At the start of the series, Nabe had no prior experience in basketball. He became involved in the sport when his colleagues, especially Yasuhara and Chucky, became serious in honing and improving their basketball skills.

In the early days, Nabe was unmotivated. During the series first training camp, he ignored Nanao's instruction and spent his free time playing video games with Chucky. Natsume confronted him and Masahiro about their behavior. Unfortunately, this led to a severe quarrel. Later on, Nabe and Chucky participated in a friendly basketball match against junior high school students at Chitose Central Park. The two lost the game very badly, causing them to lose confidence in their skills. Later on, he regains his motivation when he hears the junior high school student's girlfriend say, "People who play basketball are cool.

After the series 1st Inter-High Preliminaries, a fire incident took place in the boys' team locker room, resulting to him being suspended. While under house arrest, Nabe collected signatures from school faculty and students to restart the basketball team. Like Masahiro, Nabe also has been struggling to find his role on the team. He even thought about quitting the basketball team because he was worried about being left behind by his good friends, Yasuhara and Chucky, whose abilities had started to improve drastically. Nevertheless, he approached Kaname for advice. Shigeyoshi counseled him to become a shooting guard as the team needs a player who can specialize in scoring threes. As the series progressed, Nabe's personality has become much more rounded, and now he has become a team player.


Nabe is the least talented compared to his teammates; however, he has a strong desire to help the team. His basic skills and sense in basketball are relatively weak, but his mentality and teamwork make up for it. Under the tutelage of Sora, he is practicing improving his shooting skills by learning the technique of 'female style two-handed-shot.' Alongside Masahiro, he has also become great at helping his teammates by creating effective screens.

Physical Ability
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  • "Speaking of, how long have you been playing basketball for?... That figures. High School basketball clubs are meant for guys like you. Total noobs like us can practice all we want, but we'll never catch up to the rest of you." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 34)
  • "Not to mention all the stress and pain it takes to get good. Neither of us is determined enough for that." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 34)
  • "Oi Mokichi!! Hold up I kinda need your advice. How to put it. Well... Role!" - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 108)
  • "You saw that back there, Right? Did you see Yasu? I mean he became really good. Chucky had an assist in the last game. He got two points. It seems like he (Chucky) has some guard sense or something." - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 108)
  • "That leaves me with, what should I be doing? It's not like I want to become a shining star. Kind of like Kawai." - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 108)