Ryuuhei Nabeshima
Ryuuhei Nabeshima
Personal statistics
Name Ryuuhei Nabeshima
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 64 kg
Birthday April 12th
Blood type AB
Basketball statistics
Team Kuzuryū High
Position Guard / Forward
Number 8
Speciality 3-Pointers (unreliable, still in training)
Ryuuhei Nabeshima is Kuzuryū High 's substitute player who primarily fills in as an extra Forward or Guard. He is the less talented compared to his teammates but has a strong desire to help the team. His basic skills and sense in basketball are rather poor but he makes up for it with his mentality and teamwork. He is practicing 3-Pointers with the double-handed throw under the tutelage of Sora. Alongside Saki, he has become adept at helping teammates screen and create spaces.