Ryuuhei Nabeshima (鍋島竜平, Nabeshima Ryuuhei) is a second year shooting guard who plays for Kuzuryū High. He can also play small forward position when the team needs him. Everyone on the Kuzu-High calls him ‘Nabe’ or ‘Nabe sempai’ by Sora and Tobi.


Nabe is about 173 cm tall. He has medium length black hair, his eyes are usually closed and has excessive facial hair on his hands and forearms. His jersey number is 8 and wears pair of white sneakers which has blue out-soles.


Nabe’s family runs a rice farm in Ibaraki prefecture. He is good friends with Momoharu, Chiaki, Yasuhara and particularly Masahiro. He is a delinquent and in the series is usually seen hanging out with Chucky at the arcades or convenience stores.

In the midst of the training camp, Nabe and Chucky got into a serious quarrel with Tobi. Kenji scolded them for not taking the basketball practice sessions seriously. Upon hearing that both left the school facility. To test out their basketball skills Nabe and Chucky participated in a friendly match against junior high kids at a nearby park. Due to their over confidence and inadequate basketball skills both lost the game. After the match one of the middle school kids questioned them and asked if they were really members of a basketball team. Upon hearing that, Nabe and Masahiro lost their will and confidence in playing the sport. Sora later confronted them and asked as to why they left the training camp. Nabe stated, basketball is a sport for those people who have been playing and practicing at a young age. Novices like us can not compete with experienced players like yourself.  

While strolling across the nearby park, Nabe and Chucky eavesdropped on a conversation between the middle school kid and his girlfriend. She stated, in my opinion people who play basketball look awesome and cool. Upon hearing that Nabe and Chucky were shocked and amazed to see such a young kid achieve so much in life. Through sheer hard work and determination he had taken his game to the next level, which was appreciated by his girlfriend. If this junior high kid can achieve this much in his life why can't we. They thought that improving our basketball skills we can also become popular among girls. The following day both challenged the junior high kids to another basketball match. With assist from Sora, they won the game and returned to the training camp.


He is the least talented compared to his teammates but has a strong desire to help the team. His basic skills and sense in basketball are rather poor but his mentality and teamwork make up for it. Under the tutelage of Sora, he is practicing 3-pointers with the double-handed throw. Alongside Chucky, he has become great on helping his teammates through creating screens.

Physical Ability
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