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I don't play basketball just to show off and screw around. I want to climb straight to the top as quickly as possible

—Sei Shiraishi, to Sakamaki Yohito

Sei Shiraishi (白石誠, Shiraishi Sei) is a second-year power forward who plays for the Inter-High top challengers Yokohama Taiei High. Sei, along with Yakuma, is the talented and fortunate team member who is part of their squad's starting lineup.  


Shiraishi is about 183 cm. He has medium length dark hair and eyes of the same corresponding color. His jersey number is 10, and he wears 'AND1 Tai Chi Mid' sneakers.


Shiraishi is very strict and often blunt when he wants to make a point. Many of the freshmen are scared of him. He doesn't show much emotion, and due to his good looking appearance, people perceive him as cool and stoic. Since sixth grade, his goal is to become an NBA player.


Shiraishi is the 'ace' and the main point-getter of Yokohama Taiei High. Although a sophomore, his skills are already at the national level. Currently, he is one of the most talented players in the Kanto region. An efficient power forward who is capable of scoring from the inside and outside. He is also one of those gifted individuals who can quickly adapt and play many court positions. During the practice match against Kuzuryū High, Shiraishi played as the small forward.

Physical Ability
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  • The name Sie means "humble."
  • Sie's surname Shiraishi means "white" (白) (shiro) and "stone" (石) (ishi).


  • "Hey, why did you go to some no-name school like Shinmaruko? You could have gotten into a much stronger school." - to Tokitaka Tokiwa (Chapter 110)
  • "You should go back to your room and pack your stuff. If you're going to quit, save us the trouble and do it now." - to Keisuke Mineta (Chapter 113)
  • "Hey, hang on. Take your shoes. They're in the way. Weren't they important to you?" - to Keisuke Mineta (Chapter 113)
  • "I heard your goal is Inter-High. In this last minute. I'll show you your place in the world." - to Chiaki Hanazono (Chapter 137)
  • "You've got to be kidding!!? I wouldn't hold back even against a kindergartner." - to Chiaki Hanazono (Chapter 138)