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Hi I am Yakuma. People call me Yakku

—Shigenobu Yakuma, to Momoharu Hanazono

Shigenobu Yakuma (八熊 重信, Yakuma Shigenobu) is a second-year center who plays for the Inter-High top challengers Yokohama Taiei High. On the team everyone calls him 'Yakku.'


Yakuma is about 190 cm tall. He has long black hair that reaches past his shoulders. When playing or practicing, he usually ties his hair with a band. Yakku jersey number is 11, and he wears 'Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1' sneakers.


Similar to Shiraishi, Yakuma is also foul-mouthed and often swears. He also has a gentle side to him, such as trying to help Mineta during the practice sessions, as he woke him up when Keisuke fainted. Yakuma, alongside Shiraishi, is the talented sophomores who are part of the starting lineup at Yokohama Teiei High. His adversaries rate him one of the best upcoming centers in the Kanto Region.  


As stated above, Yakuma is one of the top centers in the series. He has tremendous jumping power, one who can efficiently jump over the ring with the ball in his hands. Similar to Shinichi Chiba, he is difficult to guard. Yakku was initially a power forward, and due to that, he can play easily from the outside. He is a great three-point shooter and very versatile, and can also make hook shots.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
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  • The name Yakuma means "thick clouds."
  • Yakuma's surname Shigenobu (重信) means "heavy faith."


  • "It's not just his height... How long is this guy's arm span?" - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 122)
  • "So that's the real center... What's with the Afro?" - to Chiaki Hanazono (Chapter 122)
  • "What's wrong? Looks like I've been looked down upon." - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 124)
  • "I like your spirit. But depending on your results, you won't set a foot on the court for the next 3 years, are you okay with that?" - to Yozan Kamiki (Chapter 131)
  • "It's really a shame. This is by far the best game we've had in a while. That's why you must make it in the next year Inter-High." - to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 138)