Basketball is all about "Height"!!

—Shinichi Chiba

Shinichi Chiba (千葉真一, Chiba Shinichi) is a third year center and captain who plays for Shinmaruko High.


Chiba is a tall and spiky-haired person with a hairline that is similar to Chiaki's and has sharp eyes. He wears black Nike sneakers which has white out-soles.


For him, height determines everything in basketball. This was shown when he rejects a freshman into entering the basketball team just because the latter was down by only 2 centimeters for the required height which is 170 cm. It was because he was short during his middle school days and no team would get him, having the similar experience as Sora. However, the latter gained his respect after seeing his game and jokingly compliments him that short people aren't bad after all. He added that it would be a problem if they're all like him. With the exception of that philosophy, he respects his opponents all the time.

As the team captain, he has a lot of pride on his team and always lifts their spirit when needed the most. He is also strict and implements discipline whenever he sees them slacking off.


Chiba plays the Center position and his domain is the entire paint area. His size and strength makes him a formidable rebounder and shot blocker. It also enables him to overpower opposing bigmen, which was shown when he dunked on Momoharu Hanazono despite a foul in the wrist and dunking on 2 players during their match against Yokohama.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability


  • "You know basketball is a sport for those with height... Guys who aren't even 170 cm, don't even think you'll pass for high school basketball." (Chapter 6)
  • "Don't do it. There aren't any words that can comfort the losers. The road to nationals is blocked by a thick wall that's taller than any of us can imagine." - to Tokitaka Tokiwa (Chapter 105)
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