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Basketball is all about "Height"!!

—Shinichi Chiba

Shinichi Chiba (千葉真一, Chiba Shinichi) is the captain and third-year center who plays for Shinmaruko High. Due to his tall height and muscular physic, Tarou has nicknamed him 'Gorilla.'


Chiba is a tall individual standing about 200 cm. He has medium-length black spiky-hair and corresponding eyes. His jersey number is 4, and he wears 'Air Force 1 Mid' sneakers.


Shinichi is a passionate individual who enthusiastically loves the sport of basketball. Chiba's ideology is that basketball is a sport that only requires athletes of tall height. Players who are shorter than 170 cm should not play or participate in basketball. However, meeting Sora changed his perception of small players joining the sport.

As the team captain of Shinmaruko High, Shinichi takes a lot of pride in that role and always encourages his teammates' spirits when necessary. He is also an honest individual when playing basketball; he doesn't do any dirty plays, a strict leader who implements discipline whenever he sees his squad is slacking off.


Shinichi is from Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. He started playing basketball at a very young age. Chiba was about 165 cm tall in his middle school, and his skills and abilities were second to none, but because of his short stature, he was not allowed to play in any official games. As a once small athlete, Chiba, seeing and witnessing his shortcomings, formed his perception that basketball is a sport of tall athletes. Hence, whenever small first-year applicants tried to enroll in Shinmaruko High, Chiba would refuse those freshmen for being too short of joining the team. Later on, Chiba regretted his decision as he witnessed Sora's skills in a practice game against Kuzuryū High. In his mini-basketball days, Shinichi was teammates with Takahashi, who plays for Shinjo Towa Academy.

Chiba retired from high school basketball after his team Shinmaruko High lost to Yokohama Taiei High in the Kanagawa Representative finals. As he exited the court, Shinichi got approached by the coach of Johoku University to join their basketball team. Chiba politely turned down the offer to join an institution where his former mini-school colleagues Takahashi and Kojima were interested in enrolling.

Later on in the series, at the Monster Bash Tournament, Shinichi, alongside his mini-basketball colleagues, Takahashi and Kojima, formed a team named 'The Gorillaz,' which competed in that tourney. In the second round, Shinichi's team lost to a close and intense match against Kuzuryū High. Chiba highly thinks of Chiaki's exceptional basketball skills, and after the game, to show his appreciation, he gave Hanazono his pair of 'Air Force 1 Mid' sneakers.


Chiba plays the center position, and his domain is the entire paint area. His size and strength make him a formidable rebounder and an excellent shot blocker. Shinichi's tall and muscular physic enables him to overpower his opponents. Shinichi is efficient at making layups and dunks, and free throws; however, his outside game is lackluster and requires improvement.

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  • The name Shinichi means "one truth, the reality."
  • Shinichi's surname Chiba (千葉) means "thousand leaves."


  • "You know basketball is a sport for those with height... Guys who aren't even 170 cm, don't even think you'll pass for high school basketball." - to Shinmaruko High (Chapter 6)
  • "Here I come, just try and stop this!! There's no way you can stop me!! The height is what's different. The height!! Here, take this!! - to Kuzuryū High (Chapter 9)
  • "Come on now, pull yourself together. Don't tell me that, Tokiwa you also let him slip through. It happens, well, we'll just use those 2 guys..." - to Tokitaka Tokiwa (Chapter 9)
  • "Heh... Too small! you look like ants!!" - to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 11)
  • "Kuchiki that 5th foul... Don't do anything dirty and Chouji when you were free you shoot right?" - to Hiroshi Kuchiki and Masaharu Choji (Chapter 11)
  • "Why won't you play with all of your power? Don't go easy on them!! They're pitiful? Let's play 4 on 4? Are you kidding me? It don't matter whether they're crap or trash!! We have to play our best!! Got it!!" - to Shinmaruko High (Chapter 11)
  • "Don't do it. There aren't any words that can comfort the losers. The road to nationals is blocked by a thick wall that's taller than any of us can imagine." - to Tokitaka Tokiwa (Chapter 105)
  • "Oi Hanazono! About your basketball shoes. Here's a farewell gift to you. You must never stop too. Later then." - to Chiaki Hanazono (Chapter 150)