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Shinji Haramaki (原巻 信二, Haramaki Shinji) is a second-year point guard who plays for Shinmaruko High.


Shinji is about 171 cm. He has black buzz-cut hair and eyes of the same corresponding color. His jersey number is 9, and he wears 'AND 1 Tai Chi Low' sneakers.


Shinji is a friendly and competitive individual. One who gets along well with his peers. He looks up to Shinichi and is grateful to Chiba for choosing him as the first shortest player at Shinmaruko High. Due to Shinji's incredible skill set as an efficient point guard, Tokiwa changed his position to a Small Forward.


Shinji is from Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. As being a skilled point guard he must be playing the sport of basketball at a very young age. Shinmaruko High, has always emphasized on power and height. Majority of the players are of average height about 185cm. Shinji being 170 cm tall, makes him the smallest member on the team. After witnessing Sora’s style of play, Shinichi decided that it was time for a change in his approach to the game of basketball. Hence, in his final years at high school selected Shinji. Hence, whenever on the court, Shinji reminisces his previous conversations with Chiba and gives his 100%, so that he can to live up to his sempai's (Shinichi) expectations.

Shinji made his official appearance in the series during the Inter-High preliminaries, he alongside rest of his teammates from Shinmaruko High, were watching Kuzuryu High second round match against Rai-Kawasaki. After the match his team captain, Tokiwa congratulated Kuzuryu High. Shinji wasn’t previously acquainted with Kurumatani. Hence, he knew him through Shinichi. When both of them met each other in the finals of the district qualifiers, Shinji availed the opportunity to compete against him, making the match intense, interesting and competitive.


Shinji is one of the best point guards in the series. He mainly specializes in passing and coordination plays. Hence, when given the opportunity, he can effectively make mid-to-long shots. As an average-sized person, he has exceptionally long and flexible arms, enabling him to make speedy passes. Similar, to Tokiwa he also is known for backhand passes. When on the offense, he bends his upper body forward, making his adversary challenging to steal the ball from him. He has immense speed and agility and can swiftly create some space between himself and his defender.

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  • The name Shinji means "True ruler."
  • Shinji's surname Haramaki (原巻) means "armour or fabric costume accessory."