Shinmaruko High is a school in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Perfecture where Shinichi Chiba and Tokitaka Tokiwa plays. Both of them are considered to be the top 5 players in the Perfecture.


  • Tokitaka Tokiwa - the ace of Shinmaruko High. He is plays the position of Point Guard. He is around 180 cm.
  • Shinichi Chiba - the captain of Shinmaruko High. He plays the position of Center. He is around 200 cm.
  • Hiroshi Kuchiki  - Wears jersey number 5. He plays the Small Forward Position. Her is around 185 cm.
  • Masaharu Choji - Wears jersey number 15. He plays the Power Forward Position. He is around 195 cm.
  • Kento Sawa - Wears jersey number 9. He plays the Shooting Guard position. He is around 180 cm.
  • Toru Yabuse - Third Year Small Forward. He is around 184 cm.
  • Shinji Haramaki - First Year Point Guard. The smallest member of the team. He is around 171 cm.
  • Jun Chiba - First Year Center. The tallest member of the team. He is around 204 cm.


  • Hitoshi Ando - Coach and Director of Shinmaruko High Basketball Team


Practice Match Score
Shinmaruko High vs. Kuzuryū High 146-22
1st Inter High District Qualifiers - Kawasaki City Score
Shinmaruko High vs. Kawasaki Academy No Score
Shinmaruko High vs. Saijo High 88-80
Inter High Tournament - Kanagawa Representative Score
Shinmaruko High vs. Yokohama Taiei High (finals) 68-74
Monster Bash Tournament Score
Shinmaruko High vs. Toho University (finals) No Score
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