If you make fun of me being small... You'll have to pay for it

—Sora Kurumatani, to Shinmaruko High

Sora Kurumatani (車谷 空, Kurumatani Sora) is a first year shooting guard who plays for Kuzuryū High. He is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series, Ahiru no Sora.


Sora is short in height about 150 cm. He has unruly dark blue hair and dark eyes. His jersey number is 15. At the start of the series, he wore Asics sneakers that belonged to his mother. He later switched to new Nike sneakers.


Sora is an excellent 3-point shooter, considering he trained his form since he was young. He can shoot better from the right side. After the practice match against Shinmaruko High, Sora improved his shooting from the left side.

He also has good handles. These skills compensate for his lack of height. His usual position is shooting guard, but can still play point guard when the team needs him.

He is considered a good defender as shown in Kuzuryu vs Kitasumi High match, as he successfully defended against Taro the entire game.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Kuzuryu High vs. Shinmaruko High (practice match)

Kuzu High goes on to have its first practice match against Shinmaruko High. At the beginning of the match Sora tells Yasuhara that this is his first match. This is because he was a bench warmer in his junior team and his middle school didn't have a basketball club. The game begins with Momoharu winning the tip off and passing to Sora to make a 3 pointer from the half court line. After Kuzu High gets a steal, Sora fakes out Tokiwa and makes another 3. The game continues with the offense centered around Sora and the defense around Momoharu. Tokiwa goes on to discover that Sora is weak at making shots from the left, and goes on to pressure him. With Sora's plays being shut down by Tokiwa and Kuzu High's score not increasing Sora begins to have fatigue and goes on to foul Tokiwa. When Yasuhara fouls out of the game Sora tells the team to fight on and expresses his desire to win.


  • His first name 'Sora' means Sky.


  • "These are my wings." - to Chiaki Hanazono (Chapter 1)
  • "It doesn't matter how many people I'm facing... I'll never run away." - to Chiaki Hanazono (Chapter 1)
  • "Let's play basketball. Momoharu-kun... It's a promise! I will be waiting!" - to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 2)
  • "Once I get into the basketball team... From today on, I think I'll be able to practice as much as I want!!" - to himself (Chapter 3)
  • "You gotta show me that move again!! How does it feel to Fly?" - to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 4)
  • "Every person has their own way of shooting. Depending on their personality. I think Momoharu-kun's form is good, not rough at all." - to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 5)
  • "I always shoot the ball in order for the ball to go in... For example, when you shoot is there anything to look out for?" - to Momoharu Hanazono (Chapter 5)
  • "We want to become stronger than we were yesterday." - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 114)
  • "What I can do right now... Is pour my body and soul into this single one shot." - to himself (Chapter 119)
  • "It's not over. Like hell it's over! Nothing... Nothing has even started yet. How could we let it end without doing a single thing about it!!" - to himself (Chapter 138)
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