Sora Kurumatani (車谷 空, Kurumatani Sora) is the main character of the manga series Ahiru no Sora. He primarily plays as the shooting guard of Kuzuryū High, but can play the point guard when it needs.

Appearance Edit

Sora is often smiling, even in the unlikeliest of situations. He's thin and short, but has excellent physical capabilities in spite of that. His hair is unruly and dark. Among his team members, he looks like the odd one out. He wears a pair of sneakers that his mother gave him, he nicknamed them his "wings".

Personality Edit

When the odds are against him, he withstands it with unwavering determination. Basketball is his passion and will do anything to pursue it. He is aware of how he is at a physical disadvantage to his peers, but doesn't care. He is outgoing and too much optimistic.

Skills Edit

He is an excellent three-point shooter with an excellent speed and above average dribbling skills that gives him the advantage when making space by driving. When he cannot do the orthodox jump shot, he does the two-handed female to make up for it. His decent court vision also enables him to play the Point Guard position, which makes him a "Combo Guard", a play style that combines the attributes of a Point Guard and a Shooting Guard.

Trivia Edit

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