Sora Kurumatani
車谷 空
Sora Kurumatani
Personal statistics
Name Sora Kurumatani
車谷 空
Gender Male
Height 154 cm
Weight 38 kg
Birthday March 14th
Blood type AB
Basketball statistics
Team Kuzuryū High
Position Shooting Guard / Point Guard
Number 15
Speciality Three point shooting
Sora Kurumatani (車谷 空, Kurumatani Sora) is the main character of the manga series Ahiru no Sora. He is the shooting guard of Kuzuryū High. He is an expert at 3-pointers but also has excellent speed and above average dribbling abilities. He can also play Point Guard as he has decent vision and can make space by driving but he is still best at shooting 3-pointers.