Tamo Yukio (幸男田茂, Yukio Tamo) is a second year center who plays for Shinjo Towa Academy.


Yukio is about 196 cm. He has black buzz cut hair and eyes with the same corresponding color. His jersey number 8.


Yukio is decent center. He has good rebounding skills and can make mid-range shots. During the first round Inter-High match against Kuzuryū High, he gave Momoharu and Mokichi some tough time under the basket.


Not much information is available about his background.

After joining Shinjo Towa Academy, Yukio received training in basketball from Kojima. He was his mentor and taught him on how to become a good center.


  • "Be more positive and say, let's all get there together." - to Shinjo Towa Academy (Chapter 68)
  • "What arm length... Although our heights are close. Our reach is miles apart!" - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 79)
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