The Boys' Stubbornness and the Girl's Pride (Otoko no Iji to Onna no Puraido) is the Eleventh episode of Ahiru no Sora anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The match of guys vs girls has started. The girls find themselves too intimidated to truly get into the game mindset. They have solid teamwork, but lack individual skill. Madoka realizes that the boy’s team has a chance at entering inter-high.

The girl’s team put on zone defense to protect their basket. Madoka is on Sora to prevent him from making 3 points. The Girl’s team has an excellent strategy thought up by Nao. Despite the skill gap, the boy’s team is struggling, especially without a coach.

Chiaki subs out Sora and Kite In order to overcome zone defense. He wants to play on equal grounds with the girls and not abuse their height gap.

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