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The Last Period (ラスト・ピリオド, Rasuto・Piriodo) is the forty ninth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime. The opening theme is Rebirth which is performed by ACIDMAN. The ending theme is Taiyou Runner which is performed by Shogo Sakamoto.


It's the final period of their match against Yokohama Taiei High, and the fate of the Kuzuryū High basketball team hangs entirely upon their performance in the last few seconds of the game. Kenji surpasses Fuwa and makes up for his former humiliation. Meanwhile, Shiraishi is on Chiaki's mark and shows him the real difference in basketball skills.


Characters by Appearance

Episode Staff

  • Storyboard: Shimizu Sorato
  • Director: Shimizu Sorato
  • Animation Director: Shimizu Sorato