The Troublesome Freshman(Meiwaku na Ichinenbo) is the seventh episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Madoka carries Sora home. Sora’s grandparents run a barbershop. Sora’s grandmother offers to give Madoka a trim. While cutting Madoka’s hair, she tells Madoka about Sora’s mother. She’s ill in a government hospital for treatment. Sora won’t see her unless he brings a winning trophy to her.

Sora wakes up and goes to practice despite losing a match today. Sora’s grandmother charges Madoka for the haircut despite offering to in the first place. She trimmed Madoka’s bangs too short.

Momoharu speaks with the principal for an advisor so they can be in the weekend rotation for practice. The condition given is no fights or they will be disbanded.

A freshman is practicing with a basket outside. Masahiro, Yasuhara and Ryuuhei come across him and ask him to teach them. He responds by beating them down. Sora was on his way to practice at the net as well when he finds the altercation. The Freshman introduces himself as Kite. Momoharu arrives and tells them to quit fighting. Kite kicks at Momoharu, who headbutts his leg to halt the attack. When Kite leaves, Momoharu points out how fast Kite got to him from where he was standing. He compares it to a three point line.

Kite is using the court despite not being allowed to. He knocks a girl down and knocks her out in his way. He doesn’t play by the rules and is just bad news for the team.

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