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I wasn't planning to play basketball in high school. I was gonna join a band. What made me return to the court was an invitation by my hard-boiled captain... Therefore, I won't be quitting anytime soon. Next time we're gonna win from you guys!

—Tokitaka Tokiwa, to Sei Shiraishi

Tokitaka Tokiwa (常盤時貴, Tokiwa Tokitaka) is the ace and second-year point guard who plays for Shinmaruko High.


Tokiwa is about 180 cm. He has dark brown hair and eyes with the same corresponding color. Due to his good looks, he is very popular among girls of his age. His jersey number is 11, and he wears 'Air Zoom Flight 5' sneakers.


Tokiwa comes across as a friendly and competitive individual one who gets along well with his teammates. When speaking, he is very polite and respectful to his peers and adversaries. He also has a friendly relationship with his team captain Shinichi. Due to their strong rapport, both have created excellent coordination plays when playing basketball. He is an intelligent individual, and due to his efficient intellectual skills, he can out-smart his opponent by making on-court effective strategies and plays that would later help his team win the match. He is also one of those individuals who participate in extracurricular activities that only motivates him.


Tokiwa is from Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, and started playing basketball since his middle school, a player with hidden talents and no visible limits. However, he lost interest in playing the sport because he found his passion and interest in music. As an ardent enthusiast of music, Tokiwa considers that art form enabled him to be an expressive individual, which helped him unleash his creativity and imagination. Hence, after graduating from junior high joined the music club at Shinmaruko High. During that time, he met Shinichi, the captain of Shinmaruko High. Chiba saw a unique potential in him, and after constant, persistent enabled Tokiwa to join the team. At first, he wasn't motivated and had no choice but to play the sport. Meeting players like Sora and Shiraishi changed his perception. Tokiwa's passion for basketball reignited when his team lost to Yokohama Taiei High in the Kanagawa Representative finals. After the match, he vowed to beat Shiraishi's team when Sie questioned his decision to join a no-name school, Shinmaruko High.


Tokiwa is the ace of Shinmaruko High. He is one of the top 5 players in Kanagawa Prefecture. He has outstanding skills, such as the ability to pass, drive, and effectively make threes. He is mainly known for his backhand passes. Tokiwa has excellent court vision, and due to his exceptional intellectual skills, can recognize the opposing teams' weaknesses very quickly.

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  • The name Tokiwa means "eternal, unchanging."
  • Tokiwa's surname Tokitaka means "time" (時) (toki) and "honorable" (貴) (taka).


  • "Tell me something, Chiba-san. Why did you accept a match against Kuzu-High, just because the seniors wanted it? You know that our team is aiming to compete in the Inter-High tournament. We have better things to do than waste time playing against Kuzuryū High." - to Shinichi Chiba (Chapter 6)
  • "I'm more than enough on my own, coz I know his weakness... Sora Kurumatani I won't let you get even 1 more point." - to Shinichi Chiba (Chapter 9)
  • "After all, he's a small bird. If his wings break, He won't be able to take even one point from us." - to Shinmaruko High (Chapter 10)
  • "A bird who has it's wings broken can only fall." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 10)
  • "Oh yeah... I owe you one... Maybe it's about time I return the favor." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 11)
  • "No we still got ways to go. What made Maru-High strong was a certain man... Even though he'd deny it. Till the end." - to Toho University (Chapter 155)