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Sakata Toshio (坂田 年男, Toshio Sakata) is the head coach of the Kuzuryū High boys' basketball team. As being the eldest amongst the coaching staff, everyone calls him 'Sakata-sensei.'


Sakata is an average size person who looks to be around 170 cm tall. A chubby individual who is a little overweight in contrast to his height. He has medium black hair, and he is semi-bald; he has no hair from his head frontal, mid-scalp, and crown region. Sakata also has weak eyesight and wears circular stainless steel glasses. During practice sessions, he likes wearing one of his NBA collectible jerseys.


Sakata is an energetic and joyful individual who truly loves the game of Basketball. Whenever he is coaching the team, he is delighted and happy. To show his appreciation for his beloved sport, he wears one of his NBA collectible jerseys amongst them include Team USA jersey, Toronto Raptors (Vince Carter jersey), Philadelphia 76ers (Allen Iverson jersey), Minnesota Timberwolves (Kevin Garnett Jersey), and many more.

Role as a Coach

Sakata is the president of the Kosugi Shopping District Chamber of Commerce in Kawasaki. He has 40 years of experience working in the dry cleaning industry. Sakata made his cameo appearance in the series during the Monster Bash Tournament, and at that time, he was part of Team Shouei. His team's first-round opponent was Kuzuryū High. Due to being overage and physically unfit, he and his teammates lost to Sora's team by a convincing margin. Later on, he got contacted by Nanao that the team is looking for a coaching instructor, which he gladly accepted.

Sakata has no teaching experience, but as an enthusiast of the sport, he uses his knowledge and intellectual skills to train the boys' basketball team properly. In comparison to Tomohisa, his training sessions are simple and straightforward, and whenever he is around, the boys' team feels relieved because they don't have to practice rigorously. Sakata also has a bad habit of consuming sugary edible products, and he often gets hospitalized. His physicians have requested him not to eat, but he still does it. Due to that reason, Sakata has not been able to provide much guidance to anyone on the team other than Sora. He appreciates Kurumatani's shooting skills and, under his guidance, Sora further improved his shooting capabilities. Upon his absence, Tomohisa takes over his role of being the coaching instructor to the basketball team. Sakata is also very kind and wise; Tomohisa seeks his advice and guidance whenever he is at odds with the Kuzuryū High boys' basketball team.

NBA Jerseys worn by Sakata


  • The name Sakata means "rice field, rice paddy."
  • Sakata's surname Toshio (年男) means "agile, man, hero."