I'm the Wiki Manager assigned to this wiki.
You can contact me for help with any technical and social problems, including CSS, moderation of both content and Feeds, supporting and developing a community, applying best practices, creating templates, reporting bugs or contacting Fandom directly.

If needed, I can request help of the Content Team Members or Global Discussions moderators.

If you need help at a non-english wiki, ask an International Volunteer Team member for help. In some cases, I can help you as an IVT-PL Squadron member, if the wiki is in Polish.

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Hello! I'm a Wiki Manager, an IVT-PL Squadron member, a Vanguard member and a Councilor.

If you want to ask me about something or need my assistance, feel free to leave a message on my wall. You can also contact me via Discord (Stygies VIII#0313).

If I'm this wiki's Wiki Manager, there should be an additional template above this one informing you about it. If I'm visiting this wiki as a Squadron or Vanguard representative, I inform a local administrator/bureaucrat about it.

I started contributing to wikis at The Elder Scrolls Wiki in 2014.

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