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The thirty ninth volume of the Ahiru no Sora manga.

Note! Special volume, the first half shifts from the main storyline. The author’s perspective on how the Kuzuryū High team will look after the seniors' graduation, including Momoharu, Chiaki, Yasuhara, and Nabe. The second half returns to the main storyline and depicts the conclusion of the match between Kuzuryū High and Shinmaruko High.

Volume Summary

The Kuzuryū High basketball team has failed to realize its dream of participating in the Inter-High Tournament. The team with Sora as the captain has begun to move forward with a renewed spirit. The question is, with the great trail of defeat, how have they grown so far? The volume also includes new drawings from the author's work!

Manga Chapters

Weekly Shōnen Magazine Chapters

  • Chapter 418 - Miracle
  • Chapter 419 - Beyond the Reason
  • Chapter 420 - Baton

Special Chapters

Cover Character (s)

  • None

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