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The fortieth volume of the Ahiru no Sora manga.

Volume Summary

The Kuzuryū High Basketball team wins the fierce battle against Shinmaruko High and advances to the Inter-High Kanagawa Representative Tournament. However, the team is now confronted with a harsh reality when their captain, Momoharu, is injured. Kuzuryū High will now have to compete in the prefectural tournament without him. In the midst of this dilemma, new students join the team, inspired by the game against Shinmaruko High. Sora and his teammates feel a strong tailwind from these new recruits, who may not be as good as Momoharu, but they seem to be a force to be reckoned with. Each of them has their secret thoughts and feelings, and the Kuzuryū High basketball team spends days leading up to the prefectural tournament!

Manga Chapters

Weekly Shōnen Magazine Chapters

  • Chapter 421 - The Wind Is Blowing
  • Chapter 422 - Snake Fighting
  • Chapter 423 - Lost and Found (Part 1)
  • Chapter 424 - Lost and Found (Part 2)
  • Chapter 425 - Lost and Found (Part 3)
  • Chapter 426 - Left Behind
  • Chapter 427
  • Chapter 428
  • Chapter 429 - March
  • Chapter 430 - What You Carry On Your Back
  • Chapter 431 - Chain Reaction
  • Chapter 432 - One By One

Cover Character (s)

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