Yasuhara Shinichi (安原真一) is Kuzuryū High 's substitute player who primarily plays as a Forward.  He is best friends with MomoharuChiaki, and particularly Saki and Nabeshima


Yasuhara has black 'pompadour' hairstyle with corresponding eyes. He's thinner than most of his teammates. His jersey number is 5 and he wears 'Nike Air Jordan 12' sneakers.


He is a delinquent like the others but what differs him from Saki and Nabeshima is his willingness to learn basketball from the very start, while the other two has to realize first through a loss against two middle schoolers. He asks anything about basketball and even asks Tobi to teach him how to dribble, layup and shoot.

Apart from that, he has no problem apologizing if he's at fault, such as for kicking Tobi's old basketball, which is precious to the latter and committing errors in a game. He hates being useless. When the basketball club was disbanded due to the club room being burned accidentally, Momoharu took all the responsibility, which made him feel useless. He was not exactly angry but rather felt useless because it seemed like the latter protected them.


He is fairly athletic and has a knack for scoring. His weird lay up motions and stances causes confusion on his opponents, which makes him quite adept at drawing fouls. Aside from playing basketball, he also has a black belt in karate.


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