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I don't mind being called short... In fact, my height is something I take a lot of pride in

—Kamiki Yozan, to Hyou Fuwa

Yozan Kamiki (上木 洋山, Kamiki Yozan) is a first-year point guard who plays for the Inter-High top challengers Yokohama Taiei High. Yozan, along with Mineta, is a bench player trying to climb up the ranks to earn a spot in his teams' starting lineup through sheer hard work and determination.


Yozan is short in height, about 158 cm. A petite and slender individual who lacks arm strength. Kamiki has long black hair that ends before his shoulders. He has black colored eyes. His jersey number is 24, and he wears 'Nike Air Penny 2' sneakers.


As a child, Yozan avoided playing any sports activity or engaging in conversation with others because of his height complex. At present, he doesn't seem to be concerned about his stature but rather is grateful for being a short athlete and hopes one day to turn the table around about the perception of small basketball players' in the sport. He is still uneasy about his interpersonal relationships and does not have many interactions with anyone other than Hyou Fuwa.

On the other hand, he envies Hyou because, being in the same year as him, Fuwa can play in official matches and practice games instead of him. He is also a little jealous of Sora's participation in the practice game as a starter. However, meeting Sora reignited his passion for the sport. During the practice match against Kuzuryū High, he pledged himself to become a starter in his team and a player who will dominate in the upcoming summer Inter-High Tournament.


As a child, Yozan lived in an orphanage called 'Special Needs School Oak Gardens,' and there he met Yuka Kurumatani. She was giving basketball lessons to his peers. Due to his long hair, Yuka mistaken Yozan for being a girl. She saw a unique potential in Kamiki and told him not to be discouraged from being a small individual and use his height to be an advantage. Yuka taught Yozan the 'female style-two-handed shot,' which he later perfected through constant training. He respects her a lot and feels grateful for being his mentor and introducing him to the sport of basketball.

Sakamaki is Yozan’s guardian and took him under his care at a young age. Kamiki has a lot of respect for Yohito. However, being his caretaker or father figure, Sakamaki, doesn’t give him any kind of special treatment on the team and has informed Yozan that he would have to earn his way on the starting lineup of Yokohama Taiei High. In the practice game with Kuzuryū High, after witnessing Sora’s performance, Yozan tried to force his way to play in that match. Hence, due to that he was at odds with Yohito and upon Sora’s request to his mentor Kamiki got an opportunity to compete against Kurumatani. Yozan played for about 6 minutes and showed signs of progression and growth.


His ball-handling and shooting skills rival—if not surpass—Sora Kurumatani's. For his shooting form, he uses 'female style... two-handed shot.' Yozan, in the practice game against Kuzuryu High, played for about 6 minutes, in which he was able to stack up 10 points, 4 assists, and 3 steals. Kamiki also has an excellent jumping ability as he was able to intercept Ryuuhei Nabeshima's high pass.

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  • The name Yozan means "mountain" (洋山).
  • Yozan's surname Kamiki means "above, top, upper" (上) (kami) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki).


  • "I actually wish no players shorter than me would appear the next 3 years." - to Hyou Fuwa (Chapter 96)
  • "There's no need. The less enemies the better." - to Keisuke Mineta (Chapter 113)
  • "I still have to thank you. I've always been grateful to your mother you know... Even now I'm still proud of what she taught me." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 132)
  • "I promise... I will definitely climb up to become a Taiei regular! And will have a hand in dominating next years summer Inter-High!" - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 132)