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Sitting by and doing nothing hurst a thousand times more than the phyical pain. So, please Takahashi. Let me put my basketball life on the line here!

—Yukinari Kojima, to Katsumi Takahashi

Yukinari Kojima (児島幸成, Kojima Yukinari) is a third year power forward who plays for Shinjo Towa Academy.


Kojima is about 193 cm. He has long brown hair that ends before his shoulders and has similar colored eyes. His jersey number 5 and he wears 'Nike Lebron 20-5-5' sneakers.


Kojima and Takahashi were previously on the basketball team of their junior high school and are presumably long time friends. Kojima and Takashi wanted to join the Shinjo Towa basketball team but because the previous players had all graduated, they became the only two players on the team. Takahashi and Kojima became the faces of the team and, being the most experienced, they led the team through inspiration and good morale. The two of them are so influential, that their team can keep cheering so loud even if they are behind.

Kojima tore a ligament in his leg, rendering him unable to play for a month. This affected him most when he had to sit on the bench and watch his team get dominated by Kuzuryu High. Having seen enough, he convinced Takahashi to let him play anyway.


Kojima is a skilled power forward. Although he was injured during the Inter-High Preliminaries, he was still able to keep up with Momoharu and Kaname by successfully defending his team's basket. Kojima has great rebounding skills and can effectively make mid to long range shots.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
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  • The name Kojima means "small island."
  • Kojima's surname Yukinari means "luck, favor" (幸) (yuki) and "too, also" (成) (nari).


  • "I'm playing. I'm sorry but I can't watch from the bench any longer. Don't ignore me!!.... Would you say that if you were in my shoes would you be satisfied! Huh!?" - to Katsumi Takahashi (Chapter 80)
  • "We will go to the top together. It's time to cash in that promise from our childhood." - to himself (chapter 80)
  • "Who do you think you're talking to. This isn't the end. This is nothing but a 'Midway Point'!" - to Katsumi Takahashi (Chapter 80)
  • "Yukio!! You think you can do anything from that crappy position! I don't remember us practicing anything like this!!... That's it. You're above in terms of power!" - to Tamo Yukio (Chapter 81)
  • "Listen it's always below the ring! Even if you miss your position the moment the pass comes is when you push in. The position you want is right below the ring!! If you don't control this you can't win the game!! Flex your arms and legs. Lower your hips to the height of your opponents knees! If ya take the position Takahashi will deliver the pass to you!!" - to Tamo Yukio (Chapter 81)
  • "I know already that just standing on the court is meaningless. Because this is a battlefield. A world ruled by points. And I'm a player dammit! This is tenacity!" - to himself (Chapter 82)
  • "Yeah, leave it to me... and plays like this are what make my existence on the court meaningful. They are proof of my 'Raison D'etre' (reason for existence)!" - to himself (chapter 82)